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NJCA (Nusantara Journal of Computers and Its Applications) Vol 2, No 1 (2017): Juni 2017
Publisher : Computer Society of Nahdlatul Ulama (CSNU) Indonesia

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In the world of forecasting industry needs to be done to see the results that will come so that all the needs that can be prepared dipelukan. On the delivery of this data is made forecasting that will be used to provide services to customers related to the required fleet. In the industrial world there is often an uncertain fluctuation, which is due to several factors that can, among others, due to seasonal events resulting in spikes at certain times. So to predict the delivery of goods to come, which is used to prepare the number of fleets that must be prepared in this research is PT. AML is engaged in the expedition, which is the delivery of goods in this study we use the delivery of goods with trucking. And the result of the analysis is the result of the estimated value of MA (0,1,1) which got the estimated value model . For residual analysis already meet the test results.Keywords: Forecasting, ARIMA.
Analisis Faktor Terhadap Komoditas Pangan di Kabupaten Gresik Rufaidah, Anik
Rekayasa Vol 11, No 2: Oktober 2018
Publisher : Universitas Trunojoyo Madura

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Komoditas pangan merupakan hal yang penting untuk memenuhi kebutuhan manusia, denganterpenuinya komoditas pangan maka kesejahteraan manusia dapat terpenuhi. Untuk mengingkatkan ketahanan pangan yang ada di lingkungan kabupaten Gresik, sehingga perlu diadakan penelitian tentang semua komoditas pangan yang dikonsumsi oleh masyarakat pada tahun 2016 dan 2017. Hal ini perlu dilakukan penelitian tentang faktor-faktor apa saja yang berpengaruh terhadap komoditas pangan di kabupaten Gesik, sehingga dapat meningkatkan kesejahteraan masyarakat. Yang mana hasil analisis faktor pada tahun 2016 didapat faktor 1 diantaranya tanaman jagung(X2), tanaman umbi(x4), tanaman pangan(X5) dan tanaman buah-buahan(X6). Dan untuk variabel yang masuk dalam faktor 2 diantaranya yaitu tanaman padi(X1), tanaman kedelai(X3) dan tanaman sayur(X7). Sedangkan untuk analisis faktor pada tahun 2017 adalah faktor 1 yaitu tanaman jagung (X2), tanaman buah-buahan (X5) dan tanaman sayur-sayuran(X6). Sedangkan faktor 2 yaitu tanaman padi (X1) dan tanaman pangan (X4). Dan untuk yang masuk dalam faktor 3 diantaranya tanaman kedelai (X3) dan tanaman umbi (x4), untuk tanaman jagung, buah-buahan dan sayur.Kata Kunci: Analisis Faktor, Komoditi. ABSTRACTFood   commodities are important to supply human needs, with supplied by food commodities, human life can be prosperous. To improve the food durability in Gresik regency, it is necessary to research on all food commodities consumed by public in 2016 and 2017. This necessarily is to research on what factors affect of the food commodities in Gresik district, so it can improve people’s welfare. Which result of factors analyzed in 2016, they used plant as variables for factor 1 were corn (X2), tuber (X4), food crop (X5) and fruit (X6). And for the variables included in factor 2 were rice (X1), soybean(X3) and vegetable (X7). Whereas in 2017 the plant as variable analyzed  of factor 1 are corn (X2), fruit (X5) and vegetable (X6). And of factor 2 are rice (X1) and food corp (X4). And for those included of factor 3 are soybean (X3) and tuber (X4), for corn, fruits and vegetables.Keyword: Factor Analyzed, commodities.
Metode Material Requirement Planning (MRP) untuk Perencanaan Kebutuhan Bahan Baku pada Produksi Songkok Nasional di UD. Iqbal VIP Rufaidah, Anik; Lestari, Kurnia Cahya; Wahyudin, Muhammad Arif
Jurnal Optimalisasi Vol 7, No 1 (2021): April
Publisher : Universitas Teuku Umar

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The right production design at a company will get effectiveness and more production efficiency, including the plan for material requirements or raw materials used by the company. In essence, planning to meet the needs of the material in a company is expected to produce an appropriate system to be applied, therefore making the production process smooth. Where this research aims to compile Material Requirement Planning (MRP) with lot-sizing technique, then compare the results to obtain the optimal combination of raw material procurement. The use of time series method on-demand uses past data, namely the last two years and the forecasting results use the additive decomposition method because this method gets a minimum error value. By using POM, the demand prediction for one year is 6951 scores. Meanwhile, the MPS results on the raw material for one year of songkok required 488 pcs of velvet cloth, 1391 kg of pelisir and 6951 scores of bos-bosan.  From the MRP results, the PPB technique is the most optimal for planning the raw material needs of velvet, lining and boredom by ordering the purchase of natural velvet fabric as much as six times, pelisir 1 time and bos-bosan as 6 times.