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Pengendalian Waktu Pembangunan Jalan Poros Desa Ruas Kedungprahu- Sukowiyono Supriyono, Lyya; Fatmawati, Laily
JURNAL PILAR TEKNOLOGI : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Ilmu Teknik Vol 5, No 2 (2020): JURNAL PILAR TEKNOLOGI
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Merdeka Madiun

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Abstract— The road is a vital tool for the village community where the majority of their livelihood is as a farmer. Increasing the economy in the village is not only determined from agricultural yields but also determined by supporting facilities and infrastructure such as road repair. The road construction process with a long duration of time will certainly hamper the performance of the farmers which has an impact on declining income. Therefore it is necessary to control the working time on the Construction of the Village Axis Road Kedungprahu-Sukowiyono so that work can be completed as quickly as possible without reducing the quality of road pavement work. In this study we use the CPM (Critical Parth Method) method in evaluating the scheduling of the Kedungprahu-Sukowiyono road segment construction project. With the CPM (Critical Parth Method) Method we can find out the critical paths and non-critical paths. The results of the study of controlling the time of construction of the village road axis of the Kedungprahu-Sukowiyono section were accelerated on the critical path. Savings of funds amounted to 1,723,879.68, there was no change in the critical path after accelerating the project with the addition of overtime hours, the implementation time from 60 days to 55 days. Keywords—: Time control; road; kedungprahu.
Pelatihan Pembuatan Batako Desa Jatimulyo Kecamatan Kauman Kabupaten Tulungagung Lokal Fatmawati, Laily; Supriono, Lyya; Amadi, Dwi Nor
Publisher : Universitas Merdeka Madiun

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Abstract— The majority of the people of Jatimulyo Village are involved in agriculture, to broaden their horizons and hone the creativity of the younger generation to be more developed among them by providing skills training in making concrete blocks which can later be used to prepare business for the procurement sector. Besides being able to reduce the unemployment rate, it can also improve the community's economy. Increasingly, development growth in the construction sector tends to increase so that market opportunities for material marketing, especially concrete blocks, will certainly increase. The results obtained by conducting brick building training are to increase the insight and skills of youth youth in making concrete blocks, as well as to improve the welfare of youth youth and village residents in particular. Keywords—: concrete blocks; socialization; material; tools.