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Analisis Indeks Kepuasan Masyarakat dalam Upaya Peningkatan Kepuasan Kualitas Pelayanan Masyarakat di Kantor Kecamatan Kotabaru Kabupaten Karawang Rizka Mardiyanto; Mary Ismowati
Transparansi : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Vol 9, No 2: september 2017
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen STIAMI

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People need services to meet a variety of needs that can not be fulfilled themselves. Similarly, at the Kotabaru District office, Karawang regency, West Java province has an important role to provide public services. The main purpose of public service is the satisfaction of the community. This satisfaction can be realized if the services provided in accordance with service standards established or better than the standard service. The services provided in general have not satisfied the public.The purpose of this study is to analyze the value of the level of Satisfaction Index in Kotabaru District Karawang regency in an effort to increase the quality of service satisfaction in Kotabaru district office Karawang regency.The research approach is quantitative. Technique sampling technique proportionate stratified random sampling. Population 18,584 People with 207 samples. Data collection techniques with questionnaires. Technique Data analysis is Satisfaction Index of Society based on Rating of service quality KEP / 25 / M.PAN / 2/2004 about General Guidance of Compilation of Public Satisfaction Index.Based on the result of calculation of Satisfaction Index of Public in Kotabaru Subdistrict office with acquisition value of Satisfaction Index of Community equal to 54,10 quality of Kotabaru District office service performance is at "C" level of bad category. Based on the 14 elements of service studied, service procedure is the element with the highest index value with the value of IKM of 62.00 and is at the level of less good. While the element with the lowest index value is the element of service cost certainty with an IKM value of 43.50 and is at the level of less good.
Kajian Urgensi Public Private Partnerships di Kota Bandung Mary Ismowati
Transparansi : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Vol 8, No 2: september 2016
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen STIAMI

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Bandung city government's desire to work on various projects with a mechanism of Public Private Partnerships ( PPP ) due to limitations of the government for the city of Bandung well within the capability of funding, human resources , technological capabilities , and so forth . This is done to help realize the " Bandung Champion " . City government 's desire based on the opinion the Government is obliged to fulfill its social responsibility to the community economy , and to ensure that public services can be done to the entire community.The aim in this paper to analyze the cooperation scheme of Public Private Partnerships ( PPP ) what is right for the city government The method used in this paper is a descriptive study with technical literature , ie finding relevant theory reference to the case or the problems found , namely the problem of public private partnership cooperation city government with the private sector in the provision of public services . This type of data is secondary data obtained from the documentation media and internet and also sourced from books and other literature sources that support the discussion in this study.In order for the cooperation of public private partnership city government with the private sector managed a few things that must be considered: this cooperation must be strategically important for both parties , this cooperation are complementary rather than mutually competence , openness to information in both parties , and should this cooperation raises link although the true integration of different cultures . Mutual trust is the main thing. Forms of cooperation of public private partnership with the city government to the private sector in the form of contract maintenance , Leasing ( Lease ) or Contract of Build- Operate- Transfer / BOT or Build Operate and Transfer OwnedIt was concluded that the Public -Private Partnership cooperation is not always a bad connotation and in order to succeed , a lot of terms and conditions must be met . It is intended that the government gets the best results , people also get results commensurate , ie welfare . Thus , the spirit of Public -Private Partnership is to strengthen the government or the public service which is considered inefficient 
Analisis Faktor Kualitas Pelayanan di Kelurahan Jatikarya Kecamatan Jatisampurna Kota Bekasi Mary Ismowati; Sulatifah Sulatifah
Transparansi : Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Vol 2, No 1: Juni 2019
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen STIAMI

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            There are still public complaints about the quality of services provided by the Jatikarya District Office and this is interesting to study to find out more about what factors in service quality are influential and what are the dominant factors in service quality in Jatikarya Village, Jatisampurna District, Bekasi City.This research uses a quantitative approach with factor analysis techniques. A sample of 96 respondents from the Jatikarya urban village community who had and were receiving services in the kelurahan. Questionnaire based on 5 dimensions namely tangibles, responsibility, responsiveness, empathy and assurance with 34 indicators.             From the results of the study, it was found that 9 (nine) factors had an effect on the quality of service in Jatikarya Village, Bekasi City. Factors Officer preparedness is the most dominant in influencing the quality of service in Jatikarya Village, Bekasi City with a variance of 33, 590%. The second factor to the tenth factor is not dominant compared to Factor 1 as having Factor 2 accuracy (8.857%), factor ability and knowledge of officers (7.863%), facility completeness factor (6.850%), service to residents (4.731%), factor friendliness (4,039%), information clarity factor (3,833%), officer neatness factor (3,531%), and officer patience factor (2,999%), but in order to achieve organizational goals and better service quality Factor 2 to Factor 9 also should not ignored.
Mewujudkan Sistem Pengelolaan Sampah Melalui Program Citarum Harum Zakia Zakia; Dwi Agustina; Maya Puspita Dewi; Mary Ismowati; Resista Vikaliana; Munir Saputra
Jurnal Komunitas : Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat Vol 1, No 2: Januari 2019
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Sosial dan Manajemen Stiami

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As the most important component in life, the existence of water should be preserved and preserved. The principles of water conservation must be adhered to in daily life so that water sustainability can last into the future. The Citarum River as one of the biggest water potentials in West Java has a huge potential for the community, both for its beneficial potential and for its detrimental potential. Unfortunately, the community and the government tend to be lulled by the beneficial potential of the Citarum river, and unwittingly increase the potential loss of the river. Reduced land conservation areas, densely populated settlements, pollution of rivers by domestic and industrial waste, and others cause disasters such as floods, droughts and landslides. This is a problem that must be resolved together between the government and the community. Coordination, division of responsibilities, and harmonious communication between the two are believed to solve the complicated problems that occur in the Citarum River Basin.
Implementation of One-Stop Services Policy (PTSP) in North Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta Province Mary Ismowati; Ahmad Hidayat Rahadian; Muhammad Ali Massyhury; Muhammad Rafi Suryadi
Jurnal Ilmiah Ilmu Administrasi Publik Vol 10, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Program Pascasarjana Universitas Negeri Makassar

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The aim of the study was to obtain a formulation of the implementation of the One-Stop Services Policy (PTSP) in the North Jakarta Administrative City, namely the implementation of Perda No. 12 of 2013, and the Implementation of Presidential Regulation No. 91 of 2017 concerning the acceleration of ease of doing business through the implementation of an information technology-based licensing system (OSS). The research method used a qualitative approach by conducting interviews with a number of informants to determine the conditions and phenomena of the implementation of PTSP policies in North Jakarta. The research involved two research members from students in the framework of thesis research. The results of the research show that implementers have understood their duties and functions, but in the smooth running of their duties, they are constrained by a lack of human resources both in quantity and quality, support for information technology equipment that is not up to date, including the availability of information technology personnel at the district and sub-district levels. Then the OSS policy according to PP No. 24/2018 has not been fully effective, because it has not been fully integrated with the existing licensing system in PM-PTSP DKI Jakarta, namely JakEVO. The main obstacle to policy implementation, namely in terms of human resources, employee status has not been transferred to functional positions so that it affects career ranks and motivation. In addition, there is no HR competency standard for services, for online system services are not implemented according to target. The solution to overcome the obstacles conceptually has not been done.