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Journal of Engineering and Management in Industrial System Vol 1, No 1 (2013)
Publisher : Badan Penerbit Jurnal, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya

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Recorded approximately 27 universities in this city is increasingly fierce competitive situation from time to time, causing many colleges difficult to increase the number of students [1]. Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University contained in Malang has not identified the quality of service and support strategy for the satisfaction level of students so as to improve the quality of students. In this research use corporation of SERVQUAL method and multiple linear regression to analyze the results of the questionnaire. This processing produces Gap values and linear regression analysis, it can be calculated the value of Servqual that known and will be prioritized for enhanced service quality. Conclusions and recommendations in order to get improved quality of improvement efforts of the priority criteria for enhanced quality service. Based on  data processing  using multiple linear regression analysis only tangible dimension that significantly to improve overall satisfaction. To prioritize the improvement of his physical condition improved following completion of facilities and infrastructure improvements in the information media (internet), completeness of facilities and infrastructure improvements in the lecture, the addition means supporting information, improved seating and desks Conditions comfortable class, classroom hygiene, completeness of facilities improvement and infrastructure in the library, improvement classroom air circulation, comfortable classroom temperature, comfortable classrooms lighting.
Penyusunan Jadwal Induk Industri dengan Menggunakan Metode Simpleks Guna Meminimalkan Biaya Produksi Murti Astuti; Ifa Yuliana
Jurnal Teknik Industri Vol. 2 No. 2 (2001)
Publisher : Department Industrial Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang

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PT. Industri Sandang Nusantara Pata! Secang Magelang is some factory that regarding in manufactur sector which thread producting. For this time the factory have a problem with stacking same kind of product and in the other way less  another product. This case cause that factory use product scheduling based on experience and reckoned of selling in last period.  Connected with this problem, the  case is how to make a good  schedule in order that  factory could be completing consumer demand and decided some main product schedule with simpleks methode.The articulate in factory for this time is reguler employee 65 persons.  If reguler employee is  not enaugh, then there are overtime job (maximal 2 hour/days), and if still  not enaugh too, then used subcontract. Based on capacity of production, the  number of  maximal employee  are 70 personsAccording to  teoritis,  with  using  of  forecasting  and  agregat  planning,  the  factory's problem can be done. This forecasting used to productin supossing in about to many periods.  With use simpleks methode can be planning the number of employee. In order that, the main production can be made.Analyst result get that  demand fluktuation for R 30/1,   PR 30/1  products use Moving Average Linear Trend (3) methode, R 24/ 1,  R I 11,  PR 40/l products using Moving Average Linear Trend (5) methode, PR 45/l  product using Linear Regression methode. Value analyst with based on forecasting result for future 12  periods,  supposed that factory will  pay for Rp.  460.340.000,• After applying Linear Programming giftotal cost Rp. 450.164.576,-.  Thrifting Rp. 10.175.424,- or 2,2%.   Sensitivity analyst made cost to be Rp. 448.651.040,-,   thrifting Rp.  11.688.960,-    or 2,5%  at the number of regular employees 66 persons.
Penentuan Jumlah Tenaga Kerja dengan Menggunakan Simulasi Antrian di Departemen Produksi di PT. Surya Tubal Indonesia Murti Astuti; Ilyas Mas'udin
Jurnal Teknik Industri Vol. 3 No. 2 (2002)
Publisher : Department Industrial Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang

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In its productionp rocessa, companyis consistedo f variousd epartmentssu pponingo neanother in a good teamwork to build a single unity. Therefore inefiiciency in one of thosedepartmentsw ill affect other departmentsth at in turn will have impact on production outcome.One of thosed epartmentiss producliond epartmentth at is one of the most imponants ectionswhichp laysi mportanrt olei n productions moothness.One of problemsd isturbingt he smoothnesosf flow processin this departmenits theproblemo f long productl ining markedb y considerablwea itingt ime.T his is certainlyi neffectivesince it will not only disturb the production process flow but also decrease the product qualitycausedb y too muchw aitingt ime in the line. Thereforew, e havet o makea n efforti n reducingth eline sizew hile still considert he costj ust in casea n improvemenits made.T o overcometh ismatter,o new ay we couldt akei s utilizinga line simulationb y optimizings ervicefa cilitiesn umber(numbero f laborf orce)w ith minimumc osta ndp roductw aitingt ime.
Pengoptimalan Tingkat Persediaan Bahan Baku Fire Tube Boiler dengan analisis Markov Chain Murti Astuti; Nuril Latifah
Jurnal Teknik Industri Vol. 3 No. 1 (2002)
Publisher : Department Industrial Engineering, University of Muhammadiyah Malang

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Controlling material stock becomes important problem that faced by the company because controlling it supports production process continually. In applaying material is efforted in order getting cost of supplier more law as possible. PT. Indomarine is one kind of company that produces tube involving two type are fire tube and water tube, in which the primary material is tube and plat. In dealing the consumen needs, the company should give amount materials so that the production will be continually, and the consumer will satisfy. Having more suplies like that is caused by accepting fluctually needs, than causes less supplier optimumly and less in cost too. Based on fenomenon above, so in this research will mucstigate the methods that will be counted the number of material asking.
ANALISIS METODE SEM UNTUK KURIKULUM SMP RSBI/SBI DENGAN STANDAR KURIKULUM NASIONAL Hary Sudjono; Moch. Choiri; Murti Astuti; Oke Oktavianty; Galuh Ratna Dewi; Susi Novi Andari
INTEKNA informasi teknik dan niaga Vol 13 No 1 (2013)
Publisher : P3M Politeknik Negeri Banjarmasin

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Currently there are a lot of junior SBI / RSBI in East Java province and to increase the quantity in each year. Changes and additions to the curriculum a better curriculum is the government's efforts in developing the educational level in particular junior level in In-donesia. Curriculum SBI is known for referring to international standards commonly used by developing countries. Completeness of infrastructure and professional competencies possessed by the teacher / lecturer can be measured by the success of SBI curriculum developed by the government. So far, research on school SBI / RSBI have been carried out. The study was made to determine the relevance (effectiveness and suitability) SBI curriculum with the national curriculum, which will be able to know the relationship between them. On the other hand, the professional competence of the teacher / lecturer also test them to determine whether there is a relationship with SBI curriculum currently implemented.