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Internalisasi Nilai-nilai Budi Pekerti Pada Anak Munjin Munjin
KOMUNIKA: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi Vol 2 No 2 (2008)
Publisher : Fakultas Dakwah UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri

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The value education plays an important role to form children’s attitude. But it will be fruitless if it is just taught to the children by speech methode. Some experts claim that the appearing of negative conducts performed by teenagers is caused by the failure of using methode in the education of value. Moral is something practiced in our life, and not just be memorized, because it belongs to affective domain. Therefore, our schools just allocate a little and limited time to internalize it. The result is that the education of value turns to cognitive domain. So, we can see that there are many students with good remark but they act bad deed. Internal ization is regaded as the best way to plant that value.
KOMUNIKA: Jurnal Dakwah dan Komunikasi Vol 7 No 2 (2013)
Publisher : Fakultas Dakwah UIN Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri

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Quality insurance management in education is one of the keys of success of educationinstitution. MII Sambas is one of Islamic elementary school that can achieve high academicand non academic achievement since the application of quality-based management. Thisresearch was aimed at describing the system of quality education insurance being applied byMII Sambas. The focuses of this research were: a) how the process of quality educationinsurance was applied; b) how the human resources were managed; c) what the productsachieved; d) the obstacles in applying the management.This research used qualitative approach and applied observation as the main methodin collecting data. It was also supported with interviews and documentation.Based on the approach, the subject of this research were: headmaster, teachers andstaff, and heads of sections. The data were analyzed using qualitative analysis, whichincluded data collection, data reduction, display of data, and conclusion.Research findings are: a) the preparation stages of quality management in MII Sambasconsists of planning, organizing, supporting, supervising, advising, and evaluating. Thisstages were applied by buttom-up method; b) job description was made to support optimalperformance of each position; c) education service was focused on the process; d) theposition of leaders were based on performance rather than seniority; e) the salary received byteachers and staff refers to the system of civil servant salary; f) some achievements of thisinstitution are: second rank of Healthy School Championship, third rank of national qualityschool, ISO 9001 sertificate in 2008 on management, and other sertificates as a qualifiededucation institution from Religious Affairs Ministry.Besides the progress that have been achieved, there are still some differences inunderstanding wholistically the concept of quality insurance of education. It may resultedfrom the fact that not all teachers have education background. Moreover, MII Sambas will bea greater institution when it has acceptedstudents with special needs, which has not beenrealized
Puisi Sebagai Metode Alternatif dalam Pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris Munjin Munjin
INSANIA : Jurnal Pemikiran Alternatif Kependidikan Vol 13 No 3 (2008)
Publisher : Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Ilmu Keguruan IAIN Purwokerto

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There is still a notion stated by some students that English language is difficult and bored It is like a big monster which has always to be avoided, moreover it is to be one of the National Final Examination materials, English can make them upset dan frustrate. Why do the students sill have an opinion like this? The answer is that the teachers still use, in teaching English, traditional method and strategy which are unapropriate to the students’ demand. Poem as a material of teaching is, according to the writer, considered as a method which can increase students’ interest in studying English. Because the teaching will run in a joyful atmosphere, there is no burden on students’ shoulders 
Yinyang: Jurnal Studi Islam Gender dan Anak Vol 4 No 1 (2009)
Publisher : Pusat Studi Gender dan Anak (PSGA) IAIN Purwokerto

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In the context of nation-state, a group of society who embrance Islam can be called as a minority, for they are little innumber. They sometimes meet some unintended problems like politically marginalized, difficult to integrate, backward education, economy,a place for praying, permitted food and so on. The problem usually come from prejudice feeling or negative thinking from in the majority.But, the condition does not happen in Australia, even women are free to choose their proffesion. Interestingly, women have a better destinythan men. There are actually, many factors that cause the minority, i.g.; refugees, guestworkers, exiled, migrant, convertion and ethnicreligion cleansing.