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Klasifikasi Sampah Daur Ulang Menggunakan Dukungan Vektor Machine Dengan Fitur Pola Biner Lokal Leonardo Leonardo; Yohannes Yohannes; Ery Hartati
Jurnal Algoritme Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Jurnal Algoritme
Publisher : Program Studi Teknik Informatika Universitas Multi Data Palembang

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Garbage is one of the problems that always arise in Indonesia and even in the world. Increasingly, the production of waste is increased along with the increase in population and consumption. Therefore, need a prevention to stop wasting or producing garbage through recycle. This research do garbage recycle classification of cardboard, glass, metal, paper and plastic by using Local Binary Pattern (LBP) texture feature extraction methode and Support Vector Machine (SVM) as classification methode. For examination technic and dataset distribution is using K-Fold Cross Validation methode type Leave One Out (LOO). From examination result had been done were using fold 5 until fold 10. Polynomial kernel get highest accuracy result from every fold used with mean point 87.82%. Based on SVM classification examination result whether linear kernel, polynomial nor gaussian by using fold 5 until fold 10. The best accuracy point for cardboard garbage is 96.01%. For glass garbage, the best accuracy point is 90.62%. Then, metal garbage get the best accuracy point 89.72%. While paper garbage with highest accuracy point 96.01%. And plastic garbage with highest accuracy point 87.64%.