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SASI Vol 23, No 1 (2017): Volume 23 Nomor 1, Januari - Juni 2017
Publisher : Faculty of Law Pattimura University

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The development of such a fast franchise business can occur because with the franchise system in general the possibility of success is greater than if you start a business with your own power and the name / trademark itself is still new, but the franchise business is not spared from the various deficiencies and advantages that will faced by the parties especially in the franchise agreement. The occurrence of wanprestasi on the franchise agreement resulted in legal consequences that the parties to the fraudulent agreement are entitled to claim compensation and cancellation of the agreement to the franchisor who committed the default.
Perlindungan Pengetahuan Tradisional Secara Sui Generis Untuk Menyongsong Masyarakat Ekonomi Asean Muchtar Anshary Hamid Labetubun; Rory Jeff Akyuwen; Marselo Valentino Geovani Pariela
SASI Vol 24, No 1 (2018): Volume 24 Nomor 1, Januari - Juni 2018
Publisher : Faculty of Law Pattimura University

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At this time the Asean Economic Community is being held which is a free trade system in ASEAN Countries (Asean Economic Community), so that traditional knowledge is important to be protected by sui generis in Indonesia which causes the absence of legislation who specifically regulates traditional knowledge because it deals with the transfer of technology, economic development and national honor, and attracts investors in the field of research development in Indonesia, one of the countries that has natural resources and human resources in resulting in a variety of traditional knowledge as a feature of local wisdom, traditional knowledge has a very strategic value to be protected by sui generis in the field of intellectual property as a nation's intellectual work. Protection of traditional knowledge requires regulations in order to regulate the use of sharing benefits that are balanced and equitable for people who have the right to traditional knowledge. The current application of the IPR regime is not optimal in its application to protect traditional knowledge especially regarding traditional medicine against violations committed by foreign countries. The impact of legal protection on traditional knowledge is known to other countries, especially the ASEAN Economic Community as a society that values and utilizes traditional knowledge as an increase in regional income.
Wanprestasi Manajer Investasi Terhadap Investor Reksadana Marselo Valentino Geovani Pariela
SASI Vol 23, No 2 (2017): Volume 23 Nomor 2, Juli - Desember 2017
Publisher : Faculty of Law Pattimura University

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The Investment Manager is the party managing Mutual Funds either in the form of the Company or in the form of Collective Investment Contract, one of Mutual Fund products is Mutual Fund Shares. Investment Managers in managing Mutual Funds perform securities portfolio activities as well as collective investment portfolios. Portfolio is intended to minimize the risks that occur when managing the investment, with the portfolio, expected returns that expected investors can be reached maximally in the management of mutual funds Shares never escape the error. Such an Investment Manager's mistake may cause a loss on the part of the investor
Sosialisasi Hukum Perjanjian Bagi Masyarakat Adat Negeri Eti Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat Marselo Valentino Geovani Pariela; Merry Tjoanda; Ronald Fadly Sopamena
Jurnal Dedikasi Hukum Vol. 2 No. 3 (2022): December 2022
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

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Di Desa Eti yang berada di Kecamatan Seram Barat, Kabupaten Seram Bagian Barat masih dilaksanakan atau dilakukan perjanjian bagi hasil laut dan perkebunan antara Daerah Petuanan dengan Pemerintah Negeri Desa Eti sebagai negeri induk. Sistem Ngase merupakan suatu bentuk kerjasama antara pemilik tanah dan pekerja yang dilakukan waktu panen. Metode yang digunakan dalam kegiatan ini adalah pemaparan materi yang dilakukan oleh narasumber diikuti dengan diskusi dan tanya jawab. Kegiatan ini bermanfaat bagi masyarakat sehingga masyarakat lebih paham akan perjanjian yang mereka laksanakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.   Socialization of Contract Law for The Indigenous People of Negeri Eti, West Seram Regency In Eti Village, which is located in West Seram District, West Seram Regency, an agreement for marine and plantation products sharing is still being carried out between the Petuanan Region and the Eti Village Government as the parent country. A Ngase system is a form of cooperation between land owners and workers which is carried out at harvest time. The method used in this activity is the presentation of the material carried out by the resource persons followed by discussion and question and answer. This activity is beneficial for the community so that people understand more about the agreements they carry out in their daily lives.