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Permasalahan Etis dalam Estetika dan Pendidikan Filsafat Seni Embun Kenyowati Ekosiwi
Respons: Jurnal Etika Sosial Vol 22, No 01 (2017): Respons
Publisher : Respons: Jurnal Etika Sosial

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ABSTRAK: Tulisan ini berbicara tentang paradoks seni. Di satu sisi seni merupakanekspresi kebebasan. Namun, di sisi lain, seni dapat dinilai melanggar batas-batasnorma etis dalam konteks agama, budaya, dan pendidikan. Di balik polemikmengenai kedudukan estetika dalam pendidikan, tulisan ini menunjukkan bahwaseni mengandung nilai etis. Bahkan konsep-konsep seperti demokrasi, kesetaraangender, dan pluralitas dapat dikembangkan dalam pendidikan seni.KATA KUNCI: etika, estetika, pendidikan filsafat seni, feminisme, pluralitas, perbedaan dan otonomi pemikiran.ABSTRACTS: Tis paper talks about the paradox of art. On the one hand art is anexpression of human freedom, but on the other hand, it can violate the boundaries ofethical norms in the context of religion, culture, and education. Behind all the polemicsconcerning the ontology of art and its position in education, this paper proposes theidea that art contains ethical values. Most of ethical norms such as democracy, genderequality, and plurality can be developed in art education.KEY WORDS: aesthetics, the difference and autonomy of thought, feminism, and plurality.
Smart Tourism Studies from an Axiological Perspective Mardiana Purwaningsih; Embun Kenyowati Ekosiwi
Stupa Vol 1 No 1 (2019): Global Research on Tourism Development and Advancement (GARUDA)
Publisher : Prasetiya Mulya Publishing

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The concept of Smart Tourism was built to take advantage of the development of IT in the tourism industry and provide added value for environmental sustainability. IT is proven to encourage tourism publication easily, but allows excessive exploitation of the environment, as well as causing other ethical and aesthetic problems. Symptoms of ethical deterioration and aesthetic changes due to digital engineering encourage a study to be carried out, with the aim of exploring the potential deviations of IT from the original development goals. The research method used is systematic content analysis of interdisciplinary literature with insight into axiology and philosophical issues in tourism and smart tourism applications such as social media, data science, and IoT. Social media users often only focus on self-presentation and not think to be environmentally responsible. As a result, there was a lot of damage to tourism objects which eventually became viral in cyberspace. The disclosure of personal data on social media that is actually done consciously by the owner also poses a threat to privacy and illegal actions in using information. So, word "smart" still represents the dominance of IT use and is not yet attached to non-technological aspects such as behavior, awareness, and care.
Jurnal Filsafat "WISDOM" Vol 27, No 2 (2017)
Publisher : Fakultas Filsafat, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta

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Sexual minority workers often choose to hide their true sexual identity to avoid discriminative action towards them. This leads to their invisible position in the workers presentation. Hiding true sexual identity of sexual minority workers creates exclusive relationship between heteronormative majority workers and non-heteronormative minority workers because of unavailability of intensive and personal interactions between them. Thus it makes sexual minority workers are excluded from the workers presentation and preserving discrimination based on sexuality. Using mathematical theory formulated by Alain Badiou, this writing tries to propose a strategy for sexual minority workers to be visible in the workers presentation through coming out action as an event. Coming out in the end is a strategy to fight for equality and an action for discrimination based on sexuality to end.
A Synthesis Between Phenomenological and Naturalism Approach in Interpreting Home: A Home Bubble Theory Dimitry Ratulangie Ichwan; Embun Kenyowati Ekosiwi
Jurnal Filsafat "WISDOM" Vol 33, No 1 (2023)
Publisher : Fakultas Filsafat, Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta

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A phenomenological interpretation of home is usually done romantically, in which the home is thought to be a source of safety, comfort, and security. This conclusion about home is problematic, considering that if all of these components do not exist in a certain place, the home will dissipate. This research, which was conducted by using the synthesis of horizon method, aims to see if the concept of home can be understood through a new approach that weighs in natural law in human perception towards a certain spacetime. Through this method, home is formed along with the positive connection between a subject with a certain place in a certain spacetime. The memories and experiences of a subject towards a place allow their home bubble that is always carried by them to merge with the bubbles in the environment. The more frequently this merger happens, the subject will have access to more varieties of time. Hence, through this phenomeno-naturalistic perspective, home is defined as a bubble that is dynamic, transformative, and has the ability to be physical and metaphysical entities.