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Agricultural Education and Practices for Making Organic Fertilizer in Sempu Hamlet, Cowek Village, Purwodadi District, Pasuruan Regency Novia Nur Rohma; M. Syaikhudin Syaikhudin
Communautaire: Journal of Community Service Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)
Publisher : Al-Qalam Institute

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Organic fertilizers are fertilizers derived from dead plants,animal dung, other organic wastes that have gone through anengineering process, in solid or liquid form, can be enrichedwith minerals and microbes that are useful for increasing thenutrient content and soil organic matter and improvingphysical properties. soil chemistry and biology. The majorityof the people of Cowek Village, especially Sempu Hamlet,make a living as farmers. They rely on paddy fields and dryfields which are mostly planted with corn. Farmers still useinorganic fertilizers (chemical) in large doses without beingbalanced with organic fertilizers. The purpose of this activityis to increase the community's sense of responsibility toprotect the environment and also provide understanding tothe community about how to make organic fertilizer fromanimal waste. The method of service is to carry outsocialization and agricultural education as well as thepractice of making organic fertilizers. The PAR 2022 RealWork Lecture activity has been successfully carried out withthe output of raising public awareness about the importanceof maintaining environmental cleanliness and the use ofanimal waste into organic fertilizer.