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Optimization of Mrs. Salimah's Terasi Udang Products Rosyidi Rosyidi
Communautaire: Journal of Community Service Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)
Publisher : Al-Qalam Institute

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Assistance to a micro business unit needs to be carried out,for improving the quality and quantity of the product, thedevelopment and progress will determine the economy ofthe local community, because the development of aproduction has led to good economic community. Thedevelopment of a product can certainly be realized throughvarious systematic and directed steps from themanufacturing process. The community service that has beencarried out in Nepa, Sampang Regency is an assistance to theproduction of Terasi Udang Bu Salimah. The assistance iscarried out in 4 aspects; production quality, productionquantity, management and marketing. This assistance hasmeasurable results, the development of the terasi packaging,becoming more attractive, and can reach a wider market,with good management. Based on good management canincrease the quantity of production. In this communityservice, using the ABCD method, because the asset orpotential existed in the community, the subject of this serviceprovides assistance, where with this assistance, thecommunity moves themselves in a direction towards theireconomic progress.