Aulia Dwi Oktavia
Department of Statistics, IPB

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Journal : Xplore: Journal of Statistics

Faktor-Faktor yang Berpengaruh dalam Mendapatkan Pekerjaan bagi Lulusan Statistika IPB dengan Menggunakan Metode CHAID Aulia Dwi Oktavia; Aam Alamudi; Budi Susetyo
Xplore: Journal of Statistics Vol. 8 No. 1 (2019): 30 April 2019
Publisher : Department of Statistics, IPB

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Unemployment is one of the economic problems in Indonesia. Judging from the level of education that was completed there were unemployment from the level of college graduates. This encourages the level of competition in getting jobs to be more stringent, so that college graduates (bachelor of Statistics in IPB) must have the preparation of various factors to maintain the quality of their graduates. The quality of college graduates can be seen from the length of time waiting to get a job. This study aims to determine the influential factors in getting a job for graduates of the IPB Statistics degree, so that the CHAID method can be used in this study. The results of CHAID's analysis in this study in the form of tree diagrams using α = 10% explained that the factors influencing the waiting period variables were sex, internship, and the ability to master statistical software, where the accuracy value generated by the classification model was 79.3 %.