Putri Kristyaningsih
Department of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Bhakti Wiyata, Institute of Health Science

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The Relationship of Nurse's Caring Attitude with Level Patient Satisfaction in Inpatient Rooms Putri Kristyaningsih; Aprin Rusmawati; Fransiska Diah Amarta Sari
Journal Of Nursing Practice Vol. 7 No. 1 (2023): October
Publisher : Institut Ilmu Kesehatan STRADA Indonesia

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Background: Caring for nurses is a caring attitude that makes it easier for patients to achieve improved health and recovery. Among the positive attitudes of nurses is the caring attitude of nurses. Nurses in carrying out nursing care are required to provide the best performance so that patients will feel satisfied if the health services they get are the same or exceed their expectations, otherwise dissatisfaction will arise if the performance of the health services they get is not in line with their expectations. Purpose: This study aims to determine the relationship between the caring attitude of nurses and the level of patient satisfaction in the inpatient room of Aura Syifa Kediri. Methods: This study used a cross sectional research design method. Data collection is done by questionnaire. With a sample of 62 patients who were selected using a purposive sampling technique with the criteria of hospitalized patients, the patient's family if the patient did not allow an assessment and was willing to be a research respondent. Analysis of the data using the Spearman Rho statistical test. Results: The results of the study on nurses' caring attitudes were mostly positive caring attitudes, namely 58 people (93.5%), the results of patient satisfaction levels were mostly very satisfied 33 people (53.2%). Then the results of this study showed 0.05 with the meaning that H1 was accepted. Conclusion: In this study, it can be input to improve the caring attitude of nurses towards patients in every nursing service provided to achieve patient satisfaction.