Journal of Information Systems and Informatics
Vol 1 No 2 (2019): Journal of Information Systems and Informatics

A Study of Economic Value Estimation on Cryptocurrency Value back by Gold, Methods, Techniques, and Tools

Ferdiansyah Ferdiansyah (Universitas Bina Darma)
Siti Hajar Othman (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
Raja Zahilah Md Radzi (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia)
Deris Stiawan (Universitas Sriwijaya)

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02 Sep 2019


After Bitcoin Introduced around the world, many Cryptocurrencies was created that followed the standard of bitcoin. The use of Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency as a currency is also an interesting study from an Islamic economic perspective. They tried to use gold with value back by gold , which gold itself is famous for its exchange rate stability. From abu bakar There is a need for monitoring organization of the cryptocurrency, to controlling from Riba (Interest), Maysir (gambling) and ghahar (Uncertainty). To solve this problem there is a need a tool that can predict with certainty based on valid historical data, to produce accurate prediction results and produce Economic value estimations that are close to Gold real value. With the results we can monitoring day by day, see next day value and continuously based on Cryptocurrency with value back by gold, and see what other impact influences the value by looking the factor negative or positive with sentiment analysis. In the last section we discuss and provide method that we analyse from previous work to produce method to estimate value cryptocurrency value back by gold.

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