Jurnal Manajemen Informatika
Vol 10 No 1 (2020): Jurnal Manajemen Informatika (JAMIKA)

Layanan Informasi Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru Melalui Aplikasi Email Autoresponder

Hendar Rubedo (Universitas Wanita Internasional)
Herwan Suwandi (Universitas Wanita Internasional)
Syahrul Mauluddin (Unknown)

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25 Mar 2020


This study aims to create alternative media in the form of automated student admission information services (PMB) at the International Women University. The problem in this research is the sending of the entrance test results (USM). PMB committee needs a long time to send one by one announcement of the results of the entrance examination (USM) via Short Message Services (SMS). In addition to PMB information services such as campus information, majors, curriculum, PMB payments also need to have an alternative media besides delivery via the campus website that allows interference. The solution offered through this research is to build an autoresponder email application that can serve requests for information related to PMB automatically. To achieve this, in this study using a prototype system development method and an object-oriented approach. This email autoresponder application was built using java SE and the mysql database. With the autoresponder email application, PMB participants have alternative media to obtain PMB information. The application will send replies automatically on request. Based on testing 10 times, the length of the process to get a reply is between 19 seconds to 27 seconds with an average of 24.19 seconds.

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