Riemann: Research of Mathematics and Mathematics Education
Vol 1, No 1 (2019)

Eksperimentasi Metode Numbered Heads Together (NHT) Terhadap Pemahaman Konsep Matematika

Rahmat Winata (Unknown)

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31 Oct 2019


This study aims to determine the student’s understanding of mathematical concepts used Numbered Heads Together method was better than the lecture method. This research was a quasi-experimental study with a comparative method. The population of this study was all of the eleventh grade students of SMAN 1 Jelimpo. Sampling is done by cluster random sampling. The sample in this study amounted to 61 students divided into two classes, namely 29 students in class XI IIS A who used the lecture method and 32 students in class XI IIS B who used the NHT method. The instrument used to collect data is a test instrument. The prerequisite for normality tests used the Kolmogorov-Smirnov method and homogeneity tests used the SPSS-assisted Levene method. The hypothesis test used Independent Sample t Test. The results of this study are that the understanding of mathematical concepts of students use the Numbered Heads Together method is better than students who use the lecture method in eleventh grade students of SMAN 1 Jelimpo.

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