Vol 4, No 3 (2020): Juli 2020

Algoritma K-Medoids Untuk Menentukan Calon Mahasiswa Yang Layak Mendapatkan Beasiswa Bidikmisi di Universitas Budi Darma

Buulolo, Efori (Unknown)
Syahputra, Rian (Unknown)
Fau, Alwin (Unknown)

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20 Jul 2020


Bidikmisi scholarship is a government program to help prospective new students who are academically capable and economically incapable. The Bidikmisi scholarship is a form of tuition assistance and living expenses. Starting in 2018 Budi Darma University began accepting new students through the bidikmisi scholarship path, admission of new students through the bidikmisi path must meet the requirements set by the government. Determination of whether or not a prospective new student is a recipient of bidikmisi based on report cards, school performance, results of selection tests and interviews. During this time the organizers and managers of bidikmisi at Budi Darma University have had difficulty determining prospective students who are truly eligible to receive bidikmisi scholarships in addition to the very limited quota and the large number of prospective students receiving bidikmisi scholarships as well as the value of each criteria for prospective students receiving bidikmisi which is almost the same or similar to one another. To make it easier to determine prospective students receiving the Bidikmisi scholarship, the K-Medoids algorithm is used. K-Medoids algorithm is one of the algorithms in data mining to group data based on the closest criteria value

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