Jurnal RESTI (Rekayasa Sistem dan Teknologi Informasi)
Vol 5 No 2 (2021): April 2021

Optimasi SVM Berbasis PSO pada Analisis Sentimen Wacana Pindah Ibu Kota Indonesia

Primandani Arsi (Universitas Amikom Purwokerto)
Rizki Wahyudi (Universitas Amikom Purwokerto)
Retno Waluyo (Universitas Amikom Puwokerto)

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28 Apr 2021


President Joko Widodo decided to move the capital city of the country outside Java. The relocation of the capital city is contained in the 2020-2024 National Medium-Term Development Plan. Community response to this has been mixed through national television and social media, especially Twitter. The tendency of Twitter users to respond to the government discourse can be seen with sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is one of the areas of Natural Language Processing (NLP) that builds systems for recognizing and extracting opinions. In this study, the Feature Selection PSO algorithm in the classification of the SVM model is proposed to improve the resulting accuracy in the sentiment analysis of moving capital cities. Experiments on the data of 1,319 tweets (457 positive sentiments and 862 negative sentiments) indicate an increase in accuracy by 2.09% from 79.06% to 81.15%, with the classification category is “Good Classification”.

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