Habitus Aquatica : Journal of Aquatic Resources and Fisheries Management
Vol 1 No 1 (2020): Habitus Aquatica : Journal of Aquatic Resources and Fisheries Management

Pemanfaatan dan musim penangkapan kepiting jangkang (Macrophthalmus japonicus de Haan 1835) di perairan pesisir timur Kota Surabaya

Hari Subagio (Fakultas Teknik dan Ilmu Kelautan, Universitas Hang Tuah, Jl. Arief Rachman Hakim 150, Surabaya 60111)

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25 Nov 2019


Fishing activities on the east coast of Surabaya use a variety of simple fishing gear. One who tries to fish by picking crabs as the target of the catch. Fishermen use a sled (skilot) gliding over a stretch of mud to launch a catching target in the form of a sentinel crab (Macrophthalmus japonicus) whose carapace conditions are still soft. Crabs with hard carapace conditions are not captured by fishermen. This study aims to determine the species of sentinel crab resources the target is catching, the location of the catchment area of sentinel crabs and understand the pattern of the fishing season. The method used in the research is descriptive survei method. The study was conducted in February until July 2018. The research location was in the coastal city of Surabaya. Respondents were fishermen caught by sentinel crabs with catchment locations on the east coast of Surabaya City. To determine the type of species, samples were carried out several times on catches, each amounting to 25 sentinel crabs in soft carapace conditions. The location of the captured area is determined by the fishermen, while making a map of the location using the Arcview 3.3 program. The pattern of fishing season is done by determining the value of the Fishing Season Index (FSI). The results of the study are as follows: 1). The types of sentinel crabs that are targeted by fishermen are Macrophthalmus japonicus; 2). The fishing ground of the sentinel crab is on the tidal stretch with a muddy base in the East Coast region of Surabaya at coordinates 7014’24”–7015’05” South Latitude and 112048’09”– 112049’04” East Longitude; 3). The fishing season pattern for sentinel crabs based on the FSI is that the peak season successively takes place in the months: April(612,96%), and May (164,68%). Medium season: July (77,76 %), March (68,61%), February (64,04%), and January (59,47%). Low season: June (42,69%), November (36,59%), August (32,02%), October (18,30%), December (18,30%), and September (4,57%).

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