IJCCS (Indonesian Journal of Computing and Cybernetics Systems)
Vol 15, No 1 (2021): January

Indonesian Music Classification on Folk and Dangdut Genre Based on Rolloff Spectral Feature Using Support Vector Machine (SVM) Algorithm

Brizky Ramadhani Ismanto (Department of Management Information System
Universitas Gunadarma)

Tubagus Maulana Kusuma (Department of Management Information System
Universitas Gunadarma)

Dina Anggraini (Department of Management Information System
Universitas Gunadarma)

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31 Jan 2021


Music Genre Classification is one of the interesting digital music processing topics. Genre is a category of artistry, in this case, especially music, to characterize and categorize music is now available in various forms and sources. One of the applications is in determining the music genre classification on folk songs and dangdut songs.The main problem in the classification music genre is to find a combination of features and classifiers that can provide the best result in classifying music files into music genres. So we need to develop methods and algorithms that can classify genres appropriately. This problem can be solved by using the Support Vector Machine (SVM). The genre classification process begins by selecting the song file that will be classified by the genre, then the preprocessing process, the collection features by utilizing feature extraction, and the last process is Support Vector Machine (SVM) classification process to produce genre types from selected song files. The final result of this research is to classify Indonesian folk music genre and dangdut music genre along with the 83.3% accuracy values that indicate the level of system relevance to the results of music genre classification and to provide genre labels on music files as to facilitate the management and search of music files.

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