Journal of Rural and Urban Community Empowerment (JRUCE)
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019)

Kesadaran Lingkungan dan Pendidikan Mangrove kepada Pelajar dan Masyarakat Di Desa Sepahat, Kecamatan Bandar Laksamana Kabupaten Bengkalis

Nurrachmi, Irvina (Unknown)
Amin, Bintal (Unknown)
Ghalib, Musrifin (Unknown)

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30 Jun 2020


Sepahat Village is one of the villages that has very good potential to be developed into a leading tourist attraction Mangrove area which is generally located in the coastal area is threatened by the needs of the people around it. The need can be in the form of land use for settlement, as a land for economic activities such as industry and non-oil and gas fuel needs and so on. These needs force the community to do many things that can damage mangrove forests such as clearing and converting land and illegal logging. Various forms of support for the preservation of mangrove forests including environmental education from an early age and teaching about preservation of mangrove forests is one way that can be done in an effort to make coastal areas in particular better and very important, especially given to people, especially those who live and in their lives related to mangroves and coastal areas. The extension participants consisted of 30 members of the community in Sepahat Village as planned. Community interest is high enough to participate in counseling and outreach activities to be able to increase knowledge and skills in protecting the mangrove forest environment to prevent coastal abrasion. Based on the coastal topography of this village the appropriate type of mangrove is from Avicennia sp.

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