Vol 9, No 1 (2012): Jurnal Edukasia


Dermawan, Oki (Unknown)

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28 May 2014


Spiritual intelligence is supposed to be the main concernin education. This is done by the teaching of religio use thical values by example from the family, school and community. Through the practice of worship, such as fasting together, reading and under standing the holy book the Qur’an, physical and social environment that is conducive. When the spirituality of the students isorganized, it will be easier to organize other aspects of personality. Fasting during Ramadanis amomentum for character building. Fasting will cause people to have strong principles, patience, and sincerity does not give up and have the solidarity and love each other. That principle has now started to disappear. Moment of Ramadan may also be a school agenda for character building, with this fast media, students are expected to remember and go back to the true identity of the sacred and sublime, with the values of humanity that wisdom and tact. When the value of human nature came back, then the value of equality and solidarity will color the days of the student, fasting has a horizontal dimension with a strong social life such as charity, served meals the orphans, be patientin accepting the problem. There are excellent values for character building of students. It is appropriateif the moment of Ramadan fasting would be passedonin the schools after the month of Ramadanin shaping the character of students through the activities of the Sunnah fasting together twicea week Monday-Thursday, or give students the freedom tonegotiateto determine how many times a week or every month held sunnah fasting together, the idea of Sunnah fasting is to be very effective infl uence on the formation of student character. Keywords : character education, fasting

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