ComEngApp : Computer Engineering and Applications Journal
Vol 11 No 1 (2022)

Identification of Indonesian Authors Using Deep Neural Networks

Firdaus Firdaus (Unknown)
Irvan Fahreza (Unknown)
Siti Nurmaini (Unknown)
Annisa Darmawahyuni (Unknown)
Ade Iriani Sapitri (Unknown)
Muhammad Naufal Rachmatullah (Unknown)
Suci Dwi Lestari (Universitas Sriwijaya)
Muhammad Fachrurrozi (Unknown)
Mira Afrina (Unknown)
Bayu Wijaya Putra (Unknown)

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01 Feb 2022


Author Name Disambiguation (AND) is a problem that occurs when a set of publications contains ambiguous names of authors, i.e. the same author may appear with different names (synonyms) in other published papers, or author (authors) who may be different who may have the same name (homonym). In this final project, we will design a model with a Deep Neural Network (DNN) classifier. The dataset used in this final project uses primary data sourced from the Scopus website. This research focuses on integrating data from Indonesian authors. Parameters accuracy, sensitivity and precision are standard benchmarks to determine the performance of the method used to solve AND problems. The best DNN classification model achieves 99.9936% Accuracy, 93.1433% Sensitivity, 94.3733% Precision. Then for the highest performance measurement, the case of Non Synonym-Homonym (SH) has 99.9967% Accuracy, 96.7388% Sensitivity, and 97.5102% Precision.

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