Vol 5 No 1 (2022)

Interior Practice of Women in Kampung Kauman Semarang

Harani, Arnis Rochma (Unknown)
Murtini, Titien Woro (Unknown)
Wardhani, Mustika Kusumaning (Unknown)

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30 Jan 2022


The spatial practice of women in Kampung Kauman is a concrete manifestation of the active agents of spatial production in everyday life, which uses housing to support their economic, social, and cultural activities. This paper aims to expand the idea of women-led domestic territory using the lens of interiority, highlighting women's practices that connect and expand their space in the inner space of the dwelling and beyond. This research was conducted by mapping the everyday practices of women in Kampung Kauman to reveal various spatial settings in space. This paper argues that women's practice can broaden the understanding of interiority related to houses and their neighbourhoods. The findings of this study show that the connection between domestic spaces to the neighbourhood may change depending on the women's activity, the agreement of social and cultural activities alternately in the domestic area, and shifting the domestic area into a commercial area. This spatial arrangement can guide residential areas and urban environments by considering domestic interiority in everyday life.

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