Journal of Materials Exploration and Findings (JMEF)
Vol. 1, No. 1

The Optimization Of Failure Risk Estimation On The Uniform Corrosion Rate With A Non-Linear Function

Hartoyo, Fernanda (Unknown)
Fatriansyah, Jaka Fajar (Unknown)
Mas'ud, Imam Abdillah (Unknown)
Digita, Farhan Rama (Unknown)
Ovelia, Hanna (Unknown)
Asral, Datu Rizal (Unknown)

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15 Aug 2022


Failures in the oil and gas pipeline system are conditions that must be avoided and anticipated because the losses due to the failures can occur at a very high level. Internal corrosion is one of the significant causes of the failures in pipeline systems. In addition, this type of corrosion is due to the high content of carbon dioxide and other corrosive substances in crude oil and natural gas. Therefore, an optimal inspection scheduling system is required to prevent the possibility of pipeline failures due to corrosion and to avoid any overspending on the budget due to excessive inspection scheduling. Risk-based testing (RBI) is one of the best methods to define a test planning system by using an optimal risk assessment. In this article, a Monte Carlo random number generator is applied by using a huge number of random iterations to approximate the actual risk value of a pipeline system with a limited sample at the scene. The nonlinear corrosion rate function is used for comparison with the commonly used linear corrosion rate function based on ASTM G-16 95. Once a risk value is estimated, the value is monitored based on an assessment of the risk matrix for each corrosion rate function by using the RBI method. The results show that the nonlinear corrosion rate function provides a more accurate approach to estimating the actual risk value and ultimately leads to an optimal inspection planning system.

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