Vol. 1 No. 1 (2019): JURNAL JIPANG

Pengaruh Umur Panen dan Metode Pengeringan terhadap Karakteristik Fisikokimia Tepung Labu Kuning (Cucurbita moschata L.) Varietas Kusuma di Banyuwangi Tahun 2016

Anang Budianto (Unknown)
Imamatul Karimah (Unknown)
Mislan Mislan (Unknown)

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19 Jul 2019


Yellow squash or pumpkin known by other names is the fruit of a creeper that belong to the Class dicotyledone and Family Cucurbitaceae. Fruit pumpkin (Cucurbita moschataL.) consisting of 81% pulp, peel 12.55%, 6.45% seeds and nets. Pumpkin contains important compounds are carotenoids as resourch of vitamin A and antioxidants essential to maintain a healthy body. Flouring is one technology that can be applied to the pumpkin into semi-finished products. In the preliminary research conducted trial and error to pumpkin flour- making procedures. The process of making flour pumpkin includes stripping, weighing, washing, slicing, soaking in acid solution, blanching, the arrangement in a baking dish, drying, comminution and sifting and analysis of physicochemical properties (viscosity, water absorption, power development, yield, moisture content, and amylose). The treatment is given in this study is a combination of harvesting pumpkins (U) with a drying method (P). Data were analyzed using ANOVA and Duncan at 5% level. Results of the analysis showed significantly different yield on the age factor. The highest yield was obtained in treatment U3P1 by 6.433%. Pumpkin harvesting 90 HST (day after crop) obtain the highest yield. Flower power flour U1P1 highest in treatment amounted to 12.98 ml / g and sun drying factors affect the value of flower power. The Pumpkin flour of amylose content of 18.350% on U1P1treatment.Treatment of harvesting and drying methods showed a significant effect on the physicochemical pumpkin flour produced. The overall result to get flour pumpkin can optimally use the pumpkin age 90 HST and dryer sunlight.

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