Nizham Journal of Islamic Studies
Vol 10 No 02 (2022): Nizham : Jurnal Studi Keislaman

Perspektif Dakwah Tentang Cyberbullying

Mochammad Irfan Achfandhy (Unknown)
Fadhil Hardiansyah (Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro)
Muhajir Muhajir (Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro)
Umi Maisah (Institut Agama Islam Negeri Metro)

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23 Dec 2022


Cyberbullying is a massive act of bullying in cyberspace in the digitalization era. However, da'wah as a social practice of empowering Islamic communities is still lacking in exploring cyberbullying. In response to this, this study aims to elaborate a da'wah study on cyberbullying through the film "Dua Detik". The research method utilizes qualitative research that is explanative. The data source was obtained from the film entitled "Dua Detik" on the Manusia Biasa YouTube channel and the data analysis technique utilizes Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis (MCDA). The results show that the film "Dua Detik" constructs an anti-bullying discourse to build the mindset and ideology of netizens to collectively oppose bullying. The anti-bullying discourse in accordance with the perspective of transformative da'wah studies includes elements of social orientation, social advocacy, interactive dialogue and stakeholder collaboration.

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