Communautaire: Journal of Community Service
Vol. 1 No. 1 (2022)

Community Empowerment of Pondok Kelor Village Through Shallot Processing Innovation

Muhammad Musfhi El Iq Bali (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Nurhayati Nurhayati (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Nadifatul Mukarromah Nadifatul Mukarromah (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Indah Zahrotul Awliya (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
St. Nur Halisah (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Miladiana Miladiana (Universitas Nurul Jadid)
Agustina Dewi (Universitas Nurul Jadid)

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Publish Date
20 Jun 2022


Shallots farming in Pondok Kelor Village, Paiton District,Probolinggo Regency is a potential that has opportunities forfarmers in the future, many farmers in the village plantshallots as a superior crop that gives high expectations fromtheir agricultural business. Based on these assets andpotential, it is necessary to have an innovation from theprocessing of shallot agricultural products to increase theincome of the shallot harvest. The form of service that will becarried out is community empowerment in makingprocessed red onions into ready-to-eat food products,namely Brambang Chips. Brambang chips are processedproducts that are made, namely a chip product made fromshallots. With the development of this processed product,shallot farmers can find out the potential and manage theirassets optimally so that they are able to support theachievement of the economic welfare of the community inthe environment.

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