The Indonesian Journal of Criminal Law Studies (IJCLS) is one of the scientific journals in the field of criminal law issued by the Criminal Law Department of the Faculty of Law, UNNES. IJCLS was first published in November 2016 to coincide with the 9th anniversary of the Faculty of Law UNNES, and since its first publication it has had ISSN both printed and online. In 2017, IJCLS continues to improve and make improvements both in terms of management systems and writing quality. The first time, IJCLS was published in Indonesian, and since the second issue, in May 2017, IJCLS has been published in English as a forward vision towards a reputable international journal. At present, IJCLS has established various collaborations, including the Association of Indonesian Law Journal Managers, Indonesian Criminal Law and Criminology Society, and various other associations. In 2018, IJCLS in collaboration with the Faculty of Law held various activities in the form of seminars and criminal law conferences. Until now, IJCLS has been indexed by several national and international indexing institutions.
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