Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis
Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis (MIMB) (Print ISSN: 1411-1977) published two times (May and November) by Faculty of Economics and Business, Wijayakusuma University, Purwokerto. Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis original research in the fields of economics, management and accounting, including but not limited to Publication. This journal publishes research articles and articles that come in should not be the result of plagiarism and have not been published elsewhere. The article will be reviewed by reviewers and the results will be communicated to the author. This journal opens as many opportunities as possible for writers who want to contribute to Majalah Ilmiah Manajemen dan Bisnis. These results are published in such an original scientific articel and a review. Submitted manuscript must be original, no plagiat and unpublished. Manuscript is submitted online via Open Journal System (OJS), must follow author guideline and writting template. All submission will be blind reviewed by qualified reviewers in their field.
Publication Per Year