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Journal of Earth Kingdom (JEK)
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Journal of Earth Kingdom (JEK) is a half-yearly global journal producing optimal peer-reviewed research on the strength of authenticity, actuality, and accessibility. JEK also provides authoritative, sharp, and grounded interpretations that can be utilized by society as a whole. The Journal of Earth Kingdom (JEK) contains original papers, research articles, and critical reviews. In addition, we produce videos related to our research publication. We also create editorial content, such as scientific responses and analysis of current news and trending topics. We will deliver it in the form of articles and videos as well. Topics covered by this journal feature but are not limited to: Animal science/Zoology Plant/Botanical Science Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics Geography, Planning and Development Human geography Behavioral physiology Sociobiology Population biology Navigation and migration Biomedicine
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Collective action (still) matters: transformation of government social assistance mechanisms during the covid-19 pandemic Aflah Faiz Rizqullah
Journal of Earth Kingdom Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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This paper analyzed the Makassar government's public policy during the COVID-19 pandemic, namely the social assistance program. In this study, the perspective of stakeholders is taken, in which in this study the community is the main stakeholder. In addition, there are also other stakeholders such as the Social Service, District, sub District, Social Assistance Assistants. This research will explain the implementation of social assistance policies in Mariso District, Makassar and how the community responds to this policy. In addition, in this study, there were protests carried out by social assistance recipient communities in Mariso District, Makassar as a form of disappointment with the implementation of the Social Assistance policy in Mariso District, which proved successful enough to put pressure on so that aspirations and input could be realized and the government evaluated social assistance programs. COVID-19. This research conduct qualitative methods with data collection techniques using interviews with informants, in this case are the stakeholders. This study also uses the Stakeholder Mapping theory which was popularized by Eden, Ackermann and Bryson. This study uses 3 analyzes in this theory, namely 1) Power versus interest grid, 2) Problem-frame stakeholders map and 3) Policy implementation mapping. The Power versus interest grid is used by researchers to see and analyze from the side of interest and power for the community as the main Stakeholder in this research. The Problem-frame stakeholders map is used by researchers to see how the conditions of stakeholders, in this case, are the community. How does the community solve problems in this social assistance program and what actions are taken by the community to solve these problems. Policy implementation mapping is used by researchers to describe the strategies carried out by the community to influence social assistance policies, especially in Mariso District, Makassar.
Violence against women: addressing the victims’ issues through formal institution Ghifar Baladdien Aziz Suwito Jati
Journal of Earth Kingdom Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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This research discussed a critical issue in the current era, violence against women. It investigated the form of social services for victims of acts of violence provided by formal institution. This study focused on victims' issues regarding violence against women to the National Commission on Violence Against Women. This research was inspired by the implementation of Indonesia Regulation No. 65 of 2005 concerning the National Commission on Violence Against Women. For almost two decades since the regulation was implemented, this research explored the actual implementation of it, especially in this current area where gender-based violence has increased dramatically. Besides that, we critically investigated several factors that attract violence against women, i.e., law and societal patterns. This study used a qualitative method, including in-depth interviews, field observation, and content analysis through formal regulations. It also utilized the theory of regulations' implementation to ensure some aspects, i.e., communication, resources, dispositions, and the organizational structure. The results of this study showed that there is still a lack, especially in the communication aspect. Our findings implied that it could prevent society from utilizing social services provided by formal institutions to access proper justice. Currently, there is no optimal socialization conducted by the Office of the National Commission on Violence Against Women, though it already had some programs. The researcher suggests ensuring proper awareness and knowledge among citizens to make reports regarding gender-based violence is key. So, the mitigation regarding these issues can be tackled properly and inclusively.
Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) methodology system analysis on mobile banking users Fadillah Wira Hutomo
Journal of Earth Kingdom Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.61511/jek.v1i1.2023.32


This study aims to determine the effect of using Bank BTN's M-Banking (PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk) using the Modified TAM Method. The data collection used was by distributing electronic questionnaires to 436 respondents. This research method is quantitative research. The population in this study are Bank BTN M-Banking users who are domiciled in Jabodetabek, Central Java, East Java and Non Jabodetabek, Central Java and East Java, aged 17-50 years. The sample is determined using the Slovin formula. The research tests carried out were Validity Test, Reliability Test, Inner Model Test, Outer Model Test, and Path Coefficient Bootstrapping Test. Based on the results of data analysis, it can be concluded that Perceived Usefulness (XI), Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Safety (X3), Perceived Credibility (X4), and Perceived Convenience (X5) have a significant influence on Consumer Usage of Mobile Banking (Y).
Mutuality of being in the batak toba community: exploring the maingain tradition in the modern era Aldi Pahal Rizky Sihaloho
Journal of Earth Kingdom Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

Show Abstract | Download Original | Original Source | Check in Google Scholar | DOI: 10.61511/jek.v1i1.2023.34


This paper explains mutuality of being that is seen through the tradition of mangain (adopts a child) in Batak Toba society which has progressed over time. This tradition is familiar for the Batak Toba people who want to do mixed marriage with non-Batak ethnic groups. In the reality, the whole function of mangain is rooted on ‘child adoption’. This tradition directs people who receive a Batak Toba clan—I called it the “Orang Batak baru”—, not only Batak Toba people, to a Dalihan Na Tolu life which is mutually dependent on each other. On the other hand, mangain does not encourage them forget their parents who gave birth to, and nurturanced for, them. Mangain has become an example of a tradition that can strengthen the unity of Indonesia, a plural country, because kinship in here is not only seen from procreation. Diversity has been seen as a source of conflict of interest between groups in Indonesia. The final result of this article showed that mangain tradition accommodates the Batak Toba people love non-Batak people, and vice versa, which can be seen from the implications of the mutuality of being in it. Archival data, writing of academics from various fields up to other forms of writing, became the basis of this research. Interviews of informants who have been directly involved in the mangain process, even wrote it in a book, then completed this paper.
Digital literation to increase health awareness: a case of mediteranian diet Munaja Tulloh
Journal of Earth Kingdom Vol. 1 No. 1: (July) 2023
Publisher : Institute for Advanced Science, Social, and Sustainable Future

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The heart disease is usually caused by various bad habits such as smoking, rarely exercising, having an unhealthy diet, as well as the habit of consuming alcohol. Coronary heart disease is ranked as a deadly disease with the additional data that some people aged over 15 years have cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL levels that are above normal. Students who study at tertiary institutions and become students who migrate and live in dormitories or boarding houses, the majority have unhealthy eating patterns, either due to lack of attention from parents, freedom to choose food, lazy to cook, or limited funds. For this reason, it is necessary to have a strategy that can be implemented by students as an effort to maintain heart health. One way to do this is by modifying your diet. Diet modification is an activity to reduce or replace unhealthy food intake with healthier food. In college students, awareness of maintaining a healthy diet must be instilled so that in the future, especially in old age, they do not have unwanted diseases due to wrong lifestyles in their youth. For this reason, as a student, you must be very aware of the importance of maintaining health, especially heart health by changing patterns eat to be healthier by consuming lots of fiber intake. This food modification can be realized through the implementation of a diet in the form of a Mediterranean diet.

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