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Heri Kurnia
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Jl. Imogiri timur KM 7, Grojogan RT 03 / No. 069, Wirokerten, Banguntapan, Bantul
Journal of Contemporary Issues in Primary Education
Published by CV. Kurnia Grup
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Core Subject : Education, Social,
JCIPE: Journal of Contemporary Issues in Primary Education is research, study and analysis related to Basic Education, Kindergarten Education, Early Childhood Education, including: development of moral and religious values, physical motor development, social emotional development, cognitive development, development language, artistic and creative development, parenting, child care, child education management institutions, child growth and development assessment, child development psychology, child empowerment, strategic learning, educational tool games, learning media, childrens education innovation and various fields related to education Elementary, Kindergarten Education, Early Childhood Education.
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