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Bilancia: Jurnal Studi Ilmu Syariah dan Hukum Vol. 14 No. 2 (2020): BILANCIA
Publisher : Fakultas Syariah Institut Agama Islam Negeri Palu

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In the kinship system in the Arab era, ignorance of their wives was nothing more like merchandise, which could also be inherited. When their husbands die, these wives will belong to the sons who are left behind and some will also marry them and marry them to whomever they like. These incidents leave women to a very low and despicable level. Thus the ignorance community is committed to harassing women, humiliating and depriving them of their rights in a very long historical period. The era of ignorance is like a dark spot in women's civilization. Islam is present as a religion of renewal that is blessed by God Almighty through the intermediary of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, who is present as a bearer of guidance to the truth from Allah SWT, which is preached by His Messenger, as a result of the deviations that have been committed by his followers. Therefore, Islam is a religion that is true and blessed by Allah SWT until the end of time. Then the presence of Islam provides space for justice for women and elevates their position and gives equal roles to men, both for their rights, dignity and their involvement with men in various fields, except in fields that are not in accordance with their nature and nature. as a woman.
Product Renewal in the Field of Family Law in Indonesia Sugitanata, Arif
Law and Justice Vol 6, No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Muhammadiyah University Press

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This article discusses the product of the family law renewal in Indonesia. Family law is a law that has provisions in the area of munakahat and mawaris. The main focus of the study of this article is why there is family law renewal and what are the products of family law renewal in Indonesia. By using a literature study which materials and data in its arrangement use books and journals related to renewal products in the field of family law in Indonesia, then the data used in this study is a qualitative study, then the method used is descriptive-analytical. found that the appearance of Islamic law renewal, especially in the realm of family law, which developed in this era, in the view of Islamic jurists in Indonesia, is due, first, to fill the legal vacuum caused by the existing rules in classical fiqh books that have not been regulated where the times always demand new rules to answer issues that continue to develop in society. Second, the demands of the modern era of economic development, science and technology which are completely sophisticated. Third, demands for changes in various fields so as to provide space for Islamic law to become a reference in formulating national law. Fourth, demands for renewal of Islamic legal thought from international Islamic jurists to national Islamic jurists, one of which is related to science and technology and issues of gender equality. Then the products of family law renewal in Indonesia are divided into two scopes, namely munakahat and mawaris, where part of munakahat itself includes marriage registration, minimum age restrictions for marriage, the role of marriage guardian, polygamy, interfaith marriage, dowry in marriage, hadhanah and pledge of divorce. Whereas in mawaris includes substitute heirs and wajibah escrow.
ISLAM WASTHIYYAH DALAM KACA MATA TAFSIR AL-QUR’AN: (Kajian Teks, Konteks, dan Kontekstualisasi Penafsiran Dalam Q.S. Al-Baqarah: 143) Sugitanata, Arif
Rausyan Fikr: Jurnal Studi Ilmu Ushuluddin dan Filsafat Vol. 16 No. 1 (2020): Januari-Juni 2020
Publisher : Fakultas Ushuluddin, Adab dan Dakwah, Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Palu, Indonesia

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This paper tries to discuss the concept of Wasthiyyah Islam in the perspective of the Qur'an through various interpretations. Specifically, there are several aspects that became the focal point of this study, First, looking back at the concept of Islamic Wasthiyyah in the Qur'an. Second, revealing the context and nature of Islam Wasthiyyah in a variety of interpretations. Third, to actualize the characteristics of Wasthiyyah Islam in the current context. The research approach used is the study literature approach which is based on several references that support related Books, Journals, Articles and so on. The results of this study indicate that the concept of Islamic Wasthiyyah in terms of several interpretive perspectives can be said as a sociological concept of Islam that emphasizes aspects universally related to the context of harmonious religious life, tolerance, and forming a moderate Islam in order to eliminate the extreme attitudes that have been many addressed to Islam.
Hunafa: Jurnal Studia Islamika Vol 17 No 2 (2020): STUDIA ISLAMIKA
Publisher : State Institute of Islamic Studies (IAIN) Palu

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This study discusses how the perspective of Islamic law and cultural philosophy and Barodak Rapancar for the Samawa Studi community in Bale Brang Village, Sumbawa Regency. Barodak Rapancar is carried out when someone is going to have a wedding in Bale Brang Village, the couple is scrubbed using a potion commonly referred to by the community as odak, the odak is processed with a mixture of bark from various types of multipurpose trees. The people of Bale Brang believe that if this tradition is not carried out, the family of the bride and groom will experience a form of rabuyak disease. Rabuyak disease namely lumps on the head accompanied by itching, bleeding from the eyes when crying, trance, ribs appearing a few centimeters, and several other strange diseases caused by violating the life cycle ceremony.