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International mobility programs to improve soft skills of Vocational College students and alumni Andri Handayani; Wahyu Kartika Wienanda
Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) Vol 14, No 3: August 2020
Publisher : Intelektual Pustaka Media Utama

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In the workplace, hard skills and soft skills are equally taken into account, especially in this 21st century, where people are required to have ‘global employability skills’ to secure a good job. This study aims to determine the benefits of international mobility programs have on the ability of soft skills, especially in the aspects of communication, social skills and flexibility—as parts of ‘global employability skills’--of students and alumni of a Vocational College within three years from 2017 to 2019. The research method used is by distributing questionnaires Google Form with Likert Scale format from strongly disagree to strongly agree scale 1-5. Research subjects were active students and graduates of Vocational College (Sekolah Vokasi) UGM who had participated in international mobility programs, both incoming and outgoing programs, organized by the OIA SV-UGM, in 2017-2019. The respondents were 60 people. The results showed that the developed soft skills were language and communication skills, interpersonal skills, teamwork, cultural understanding and adaptability and openness. Specifically for alumni, soft skills that are highly developed and helpful in the working world are adaptability and openness (82.9%), cultural understanding (74.3%), language and communication skills (71.4%), ability to work together (65.7%), and interpersonal skills (54.3%).
Needs analysis to develop teaching materials at Vocational College UGM Yohana Ika Harnita Sari; Wahyu Kartika Wienanda; Nur Endah Nugraheni
Jurnal Pendidikan Vokasi Vol 10, No 2 (2020): June
Publisher : ADGVI & Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Needs analysis as an initial process in a course becomes crucial before deciding learning objectives, setting the assessment, creating course design, as well as developing materials. This study aims to describe the English competence and skills needed by the stakeholders and students’ perceptions of good teaching materials from various study programs at Vocational College UGM. The methods used in collecting data are questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire is distributed to the first semester students from all applied bachelor programs in Vocational College UGM using a stratified random sampling method. In addition, the interview is done with all heads of applied bachelor programs in Vocational College UGM for triangulation. The results show that the students are in the beginner level or basic users (A2 level in Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR). Moreover, the competencies stated in the A2 level are considered needed by the students to master in academic and work-life contexts. Besides, the skill considered as the most important is speaking, followed by writing. The students also propose some criteria of good teaching materials that include the content, sequence, exercise, language features, technology, layout, and price.
Jurnal Gama Societa Vol 3, No 2 (2019): DECEMBER
Publisher : Sekolah Vokasi Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Guna menarik konsumer untuk membeli sebuah produk, produsen harus menerapkan strategi promosi, salah satunya dengan membuat iklan yang unik dan berbeda dari lini produk serupa. Brand ambassador dapat menjadi salah satu faktor penentu sebuah iklan dianggap menarik perhatian khalayak yang dituju. Bukan hanya itu, visual dan pemilihan kata yang tepat juga diperlukan untuk menyampaikan pesan dari sebuah produk yang diiklankan. Penelitian ini bertujuan menganalisis representasi semiotika dari iklan Mie Sedaap Korean Spicy Chicken pada kanal YouTube milik Mie Sedaap. Teori analisis semiotika milik Peirce (1955) digunakan sebagai acuan dalam membedakan ikon, indeks, dan simbol yang terdapat pada iklan Mie Sedaap untuk memahami pesan yang disampaikan dalam mempromosikan varian terbarunya. Selain itu, analisis juga dilakukan untuk melihat keaslian (authenticity) yang ditunjukkan melalui tiga tanda semiotika yang ada. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa ikon video iklan ini adalah Choi Siwon sebagai orang yang berasal dari Korea yang mengindikasikan keaslian dari varian rasa Korean Spicy Chicken, serta produk yang diiklankan, yaitu mie instan. Indeks video iklan ini adalah kemasan Mie Sedaap yang memiliki warna merah yang mengindikasikan pedas, dan gerak tubuh Choi Siwon yang mengindikasikan keaslian rasa pedas. Simbol yang terdapat pada video iklan adalah huruf hangeul yang menunjukkan keterkaitan varian Korean Spicy Chicken dengan Korea, simbol WingsFood dan logo Mie Sedaap yang menunjukkan lini produk makanan.
BRIGHT : A Journal of English Language Teaching, Linguistics and Literature Vol 2, No 1 (2019)
Publisher : STKIP PGRI Tulungagung

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Some concepts in English grammar usually confuse students such as the use of articles and tenses. More interesting learning methods such as flipped class and e-learning using video are needed to improve students’ understanding about English grammar. The purpose of this paper is to convey the making process of instructional video for students of Basic Grammar Classes of the English Program, Vocational College, Universitas Gadjah Mada. There are two instructional videos made consisting of two topics; quantifiers and forms of others. The making process was from June to September 2018. The results show that the making process of instructional videos includes video content preparation, shooting process and editing. Video content making includes compiling materials, writing script and arranging storyboard. Meanwhile the shooting and editing processes were handled by a professional video maker. The constraints faced during the shooting process were the difficulty to act naturally and to remember the lines also problem of sound noise. The use of animation also becomes constraint in editing process since more time and energy were consumed to finish the video.
Women’s Image as Presented in Vitamin Drink’s Commercials: Semiotics Analysis on YOU C-1000 and Hemaviton C1000 Amanah Risaningtyas; Wahyu Kartika Wienanda
JLA (Jurnal Lingua Applicata) Vol 5, No 1 (2021)
Publisher : Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Several studies have identified women's image in beverage advertisements, but there has been not much research into the women’s image presented in vitamin drink commercials along with their slogans. This study focuses on an analysis of verbal and non-verbal signs of 2 vitamin drink commercials, namely YOU C1000 and Hemaviton C1000, from YouTube. Qualitative content analysis based on Peirce’s (1940) semiotics theory was used to analyse the verbal and non-verbal signs presented in the commercials, while the image of women proposed by Hung & Li (2006) was used to identify women’s image in the commercials. The findings suggest that in general, the commercials have tried to break the common traditional stereotypes of women’s image, even though some parts were still a bit stereotypical. The most common women’s image shown in the video is ‘a strong woman’. Moreover, the slogans of YOU C1000 and Hemaviton C1000 are trying to show that women can also do outdoor activities. The finding indicates that there is an attempt to change the way of presenting women in today’s advertisements. 
Extensive Reading in Improving Reading Motivation: A Students’ Perspective Alfelia Nugky Permatasari; Wahyu Kartika Wienanda
Eralingua: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Asing dan Sastra Vol 7, No 2 (2023): ERALINGUA
Publisher : Makassar State University

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Abstract. Students nowadays are accustomed to vast yet short information coming from various digital platforms. This affects their concentration span in a negative way and causes a difficulty in focus, including reading a longer text. This study aims to investigate how extensive reading practice improves students’ motivation in reading. Specifically, this study aims to elaborate students’ experience in English for General Reading subject, how far the extensive reading practice can increase students’ reading efficacy, and what impact the practice gives to students’ curiosity on specific topics. The finding is expected to uncover new possible ways, which educators can implement to match varied learning needs by optimizing the effectiveness of the activity. Data of this phenomenology study was taken through observation during the class and online questionnaire as the class evaluation after the class has finished. A number of semi-structured interviews were also conducted to a number of students to gain a deeper understanding of the phenomena. The interviews are transcribed, coded, and analysed using thematic analysis. This study found that extensive reading practice helps students improving their reading motivation in general, through enjoyment on familiar subjects, reading efficacy, as well as engagement on new topics.Keywords: Extensive Reading, Reading Motivation, Phenomenology, Student’s Perspective