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Challenges of internationalization of the Indonesian museum guides' communication skills competency Nur Endah Nugraheni; Ghifari Yuristiadhi Masyhari Makhasi; Endang Soelistiyowati; Shu-Chuan Chen; Mei-Ru Chen; Chia-Chen Chang
International Journal of Communication and Society Vol 4, No 1 (2022): June
Publisher : Association for Scientific Computing Electrical and Engineering (ASCEE)

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As the front guards, museum guides need to master many skills that support the role of transferring information in the museum to every visitor who comes, both domestic and foreign. More specifically, every museum guide must master foreign language skills in order to serve foreign visitors. Unfortunately, not all museum guides have foreign language skills, especially English, and other supporting skills such as curation, communication, and public speaking. This paper investigates the limited ability of English mastery and other supporting skills of museum guides in two government-owned museums in Yogyakarta, the second tourism city in Indonesia, and how far they affect the internationalization of the two museums as representatives of other museums in Indonesia. This descriptive research uses data collection methods in surveys with questionnaires and in-depth interviews with guides and visitors of the museum, both domestic and foreign. This research found that limited foreign language skills, especially English and other professional skills of museum guides, can slow down the museum's internationalization process in Indonesia.
Needs analysis to develop teaching materials at Vocational College UGM Yohana Ika Harnita Sari; Wahyu Kartika Wienanda; Nur Endah Nugraheni
Jurnal Pendidikan Vokasi Vol 10, No 2 (2020): June
Publisher : ADGVI & Graduate School of Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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Needs analysis as an initial process in a course becomes crucial before deciding learning objectives, setting the assessment, creating course design, as well as developing materials. This study aims to describe the English competence and skills needed by the stakeholders and students’ perceptions of good teaching materials from various study programs at Vocational College UGM. The methods used in collecting data are questionnaires and interviews. The questionnaire is distributed to the first semester students from all applied bachelor programs in Vocational College UGM using a stratified random sampling method. In addition, the interview is done with all heads of applied bachelor programs in Vocational College UGM for triangulation. The results show that the students are in the beginner level or basic users (A2 level in Common European Framework of Reference for Languages or CEFR). Moreover, the competencies stated in the A2 level are considered needed by the students to master in academic and work-life contexts. Besides, the skill considered as the most important is speaking, followed by writing. The students also propose some criteria of good teaching materials that include the content, sequence, exercise, language features, technology, layout, and price.
Penerapan Metode Total Physical Response (TPR) untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Kosakata Bahasa Inggris bagi Siswa Tunagrahita Nur Endah Nugraheni; Lukas Danu Kristian
JLA (Jurnal Lingua Applicata) Vol 2, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Universitas Gadjah Mada

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This study aims to understand the use of Total Physical Response or TPR method to improve English vocabulary skill of students with mental retardation. Students with mental retardation are students who have an IQ score less than 70 on a psychological test of intelligence; therefore, they have difficulty in learning including learning English. TPR is a fun method to teach students with mental retardation. The subject of this study was eight students with mental retardation of the 11th grade in SLB N Kota Magelang. To investigate the TPR method, the researchers did direct teaching to the students. Pre-test was given before TPR method was employed then post-test was done afterwards. By comparing the pre-test and post-test score, the result shows that the students’ average score increases after the TPR method was implemented. The highest score in pre-test is 90 and the lowest score is 60. Meanwhile, the highest score in post-test is 100 and the lowest score is 70. The average score in pre-test is 71,25 and the average score in post-test is 87,50. It can be concluded that Total Physical Response method was successfully implemented in increasing the students’ English vocabulary skill.