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Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta

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Magistra Andalusia: Jurnal Ilmu Sastra Vol 2, No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Andalas

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The change will always be experienced by the community, especially if it is already related to globalization. In addition to cultural degradation, the negative impact of globalization is lifestyle changes that are not following the values and norms of Indonesian society. At that time, religious values play an important role as a stronghold of negative things. The purpose of this study is to describe religious values by modern society amid globalization in the novel Impian Amerika by Kuntowijoyo. The data of this study are sentences or paragraphs describing the defense of religious values by modern society. The data source of this research is the Impian Amerika novel by Kuntowijoyo. The method used is descriptive qualitative with the technique of collecting recorded data and study of literature. Data analysis techniques using content analysis techniques. This research is important to do because, with the knowledge of religious values, a person will avoid negative things.  Religious values will protect us from negativity. 
Women's Roles in Adding Value to Wooden Crafts and Contributing to Family Income in Babung, Gunungkidul Slamet Subiyantoro
Humaniora Vol 33, No 2 (2021)
Publisher : Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada

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Gender discrimination continues to exist in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, with women often placed in the role of mother and housekeeper. In areas such as Bobung Village, where they form an integral part of the local industry, women transcend these roles to contribute to the economy. This research aimed to examine women's roles in adding to the artistic value of wooden crafts, their impact on increasing family income, and local community members’ views towards these female roles. The research was socio-anthropological, with data obtained through in-depth interviews, participant observations, and content analyses of documents and records. Data were analyzed using an interactive model including data collection, reduction of presentation, and verification. The findings showed that (1) women play a significant  role in improving the artistic value of wooden crafts through their batik painting and writing techniques. They make these crafts appear more exotic, and help to preserve traditional batik motifs. (2) With the addition of these women’s motifs to wooden crafts, they add to their family income while still performing their domestic duties, such as caring for their children and cooking. Their wages are based on a daily system, collective system, or combination of both. (3) Batik-making on wooden crafts has feminine characteristics; it is soft and light, as opposed to woodworking’s masculine characteristics of hard, physical work. Women’s batik-making is consequently complementary to the work performed by men. According to the local people, there is no gender bias related to the job differentiation between men and women.
JADECS (Journal of Art, Design, Art Education & Cultural Studies) Vol 3, No 1 (2018)
Publisher : Jurusan Seni dan Desain, Fakultas Sastra, Universitas Negeri Malang

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Ada sebuah tradisi yang berada di daerah Ponorogo. Tradisi tersebut adalah tradisi ziarah makam Bathara Katong. Peziarah makam melakukan tradisi tersebut sebagai sarana untuk menghormati leluhur. Terdapat simbol-simbol dalam tradisi ini. Simbol-simbol tersebut tentunya mempunyai makna yang terkandung di dalamnya. Artikel ini akan mengungkapkan hal tersebut. Pendekatan yang digunakan adalah pendekatan etnografi. Pengumpulan data penelitian dilakukan dengan cara observasi aktif, wawancara mendalam, dan studi dokumentasi. Data yang ditemukan kemudian disahkan dengan teknik triangulasi sumber dan triangulasi metode. Data kemudian dianalisis menggunakan analisis etnografi. Prosedur penelitian ini menggunakan etnografi. Hasilnya, penelitian ini menemukan bahwa tradisi ziarah makam Bathara Katong memiliki makna simbolik di dalamnya. Makna simbolik tersebut terdapat pada bangunan-bangunan yang ada area pemakaman, benda-benda yang dibawa oleh pengunjung/peziarah makam, dan proses pelaksanaan tradisi ziarah makam Bathara Katong.
Readibility, Meaning, and Function of Foreign Language on Billboards in Surakarta: A Critical Discourse Analysis Wahyu Joko Saputra; Slamet Subiyantoro; Budhi Setiawan
Humanus Vol 19, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Pusat Kajian Humaniora FBS Universitas Negeri Padang

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This research aims to describe the use of foreign languages on billboards in Surakarta. This research was a single case study obtained from the objective data of billboards along Slamet Riyadi Street Surakarta. The data sources were from the commercial billboards considering several criteria that have been determined in which the billboards should not be owned by either district government or individual,  for campaign purposes, made in 2018, and so on. Those billboards are billboard from Gofood, McDonald's, and Samsung Galaxy Note9. Subsequently, effective data were obtained through observation and interview from informants in readability process. Manifestation of billboard as a form of discourse generates meaning based on critical discourse analysis approach. In addition to the function of billboard as marketing aspect of the company, it also functions to deliver important information, knowledge, and educative information for the readers. This research results show that the readability, meaning, and function of foreign languages assumption on advertisement of billboard are different from the marketing concept. Nonetheless, an emergence of foreign languages provides space for the readers to learn the vocabulary in facing globalization era. Moreover, it also reminds us not to forget the existing culture in Surakarta.