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Pengaruh Penggunaan Smartphone Terhadap Perubahan Perilaku Siswa (Studi Kasus Siswa Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri 5 Palembang) Muhammad Miftah Farid; Hafid Furqon
Jurnal Studi Sosial dan Politik Vol 2 No 2 (2018): Jurnal Studi Sosial dan Politik
Publisher : FISIP Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah Palembang

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The era of Technology and Information which is now completely practical and fast certainly makes many people want to try to participate in it. Smartphones are smart phones that have evolved to this day become a tool that can be used by many people to not only communicate, but also to entertain themselves, to get information, learn to work and online selling. Smartphones are getting more and more years, so they are growing rapidly, especially to the millennial generation and the current generation Z is feared to be able to influence changes in their daily behavior. Smartphones that become daily needs for teenagers will certainly be viewed from various sides, whether a big positive and negative affect on the behavior that they apply every day. The number of smartphone users from existing data shows the amount of enthusiasm of teenagers to access the internet through smartphones. This research was made with the title "Effect of Smartphone Use on Changes in Student Behavior (Case Study of Senior High School Number 5 Palembang Students). Has a formulation of the problem of how the influence of smartphone usage on student behavior changes in senior high school 5 Palembang. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of the use of smartphones on the change in student behavior in state high school number 5 Palembang. This research uses quantitative methods. The source of the data used is obtained through questionnaires, observations and interviews. And using data analysis techniques, namely descriptive analysis techniques and inferential analysis techniques. The theoretical framework used is the theory of Social Penetration. Based on the analysis of the data used and the simple Linear test, it was concluded that the use of smartphones has a very big influence on the changes in student behavior in senior high school number 5 Palembang. In this case it was also found that smartphone usage had a positive effect on changes in student behavior in senior high school number 5 Palembang.
Pengaruh Media Terhadap Identitas Budaya Lokal Melayu Palembang Reza Aprianti; M. Mifta Farid
FIRM Journal of Management Studies Vol 3, No 2 (2018): FIRM Journal of Management Studies
Publisher : President University

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Mass media has a function in human life that is as information channel, perform functions as educators, to provide entertainment and as a media persuasive. It is from this function that this study will raise the preparation of how the mass media influence on local cultural identity. Media Television is the object of research is local television in South Sumatra using quantitative research methodology. The theory that made in this research is adolescent with level of education sma. The results of this study can be influence although not very significant between the influence of media and adolescent understanding of local culture.
FIRM Journal of Management Studies Vol 6, No 1 (2021): FIRM JOURNAL of MANAGEMENT STUDIES
Publisher : President University

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Pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah seringkali tidak diketahui oleh masyarakat Kabupaten Banyuasin secara luas, karena lambatnya proses penyampaian informasi, seringkali informasi pembangunan yang dilakukan hanya diketahui oleh instansi-instansi Pemerintah yang terkait dan masyarakat lokal tempat kegiatan pembangunan dilakukan. Selain itu, penggunaan akun-akun media sosial resmi pemerintah yang belum maksimal menyebabkan masyarakat Kabupaten Banyuasin masih banyak yang belum mengetahui bahwa pemerintah sudah memiliki akun media sosial resmi yang digunakan untuk memberikan informasi-informasi mengenai kegiatan pembangunan yang dilakukan oleh Pemerintah di Kabupaten Banyuasin. Penelitian yang dilakukan bertujuan untuk mengetahui bagaimana efektivitas media sosial dalam penyebarluasan informasi pembangunan Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyuasin. Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini yakni menggunaan metode deskriptif kualitatif, dengan menggunakan teknik pengumpulan data melalui observasi, wawancara dan dokumentasi. Sumber data primer dalam penelitian ini adalah admin media sosial resmi pemerintah, sedangkan sumber data sekunder dalam penelitian ini yaitu berupa dokumen, struktur organisasi dan buku-buku yang berkaitan dengan penelitian. Hasil yang didapat dari penelitian yang dilakukan berdasarkan indikator dari Teori Uses and Effect yaitu, Efek yang didapat ialah penyebaran dan penerimaan informasi dari Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyuasin kepada masyarakat terjadi secara efektif dan efisien, kemudian Konsekuensi yang didapat ialah informasi terbaru yang dibagikan oleh Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyuasin dapat langsung diakses oleh masyarakat, serta Konsefek yang didapat ialah Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyuasin mendapatkan kepercayaan yang tinggi dari masyarakat atas informasi-informasi yang dibagikan melalui media sosial resmi milik Pemerintah Kabupaten Banyuasin. 
The Influence Of Word-Of-Mouth Online And Celebrity Endorser On Attitudes And Intentions Of Tourists To Visit Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic Lin Lin Syah; Dedi Rianto Rahadi; M. Miftah Farid
Journal of Management and Leadership Vol. 4 No. 2 (2021): Volume 4 - Nomor 2 - November 2021
Publisher : Management and Leadership Study Programme

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many community activities were restricted, including visiting tourist destinations. This policy has an impact on the management of tourist areas experiencing losses. This study aims to examine the effect of electronic word of mouth (e-WOM), Celebrity Endorser, on the attitudes and intentions of tourists to visit West Java, Indonesia. Collecting data using a questionnaire with a sample of 180 respondents with convenience sample method The technique of data analysis using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) of a statistical software package AMOS version 24. The conclusion from hypothesis The results show (1) e-WOM has no significant effect on tourist attitudes, (2) e-WOM has a significant effect on the intention to visit tourists. (3) celebrity endorser has a significant effect on tourist attitudes. (4) celebrity endorser has a significant effect on intentions to visit tourist attractions, (5) tourist attitudes have no significant effect on intentions to visit tourist attractions. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a momentum and taken into consideration to implement Virtual Reality Tourism as a solution before tourists decide to make a tourist visit.
Jurnal English Lin Yan Syah; Dedi Rianto Rahadi; M Mifta Farid
Journal of Management and Leadership Vol. 5 No. 2 (2022): Volume 5 - Nomor 2 - November 2022
Publisher : Management and Leadership Study Programme

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Indonesia's domestic market, which is a very broad market with a very dense total population which can be estimated at around 270 million people (BPS, 2021). Such a large domestic market can push the possibility of forming a strong competition or competition between imported products and local products. Increasing local brands is a strategic step that is useful to show or introduce Indonesian-made products to the global market. The purpose of this research is to understand the attitudes of Generation Z consumers towards local and imported fashion brands. The research methodology uses a descriptive qualitative approach. Data collection using questionnaires can be explained according to student behavior on the use of local fashion brands and imported fashion. In Generation Z, both men and women, do not tend to buy imported fashion products, do not tend to buy the latest imported brand brand clothes, do not agree to buy different imported brand products with the same quality and lack confidence in wearing imported fashion brand clothes, but like to buy product clothes quality imports. With the quality of the product, it can be the first benchmark in product evaluation and this also depends on the attitude of the consumer. The results of the study explain that Generation Z men and women, tend to buy local fashion products, tend to buy the latest local brand clothing models, like to buy quality local clothes, often buy different local brand products but the quality is the same and are more confident by wearing fashion clothes. local brands. So it can be concluded that most of Generation Z are more likely to buy local brand fashion products. And for the quality of local products, you can say that they are not far behind imported products, so it can be said that local products can compete with imported products.