Andi Ahmad Dahlan
Department Of Electronics Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Padang, Padang, West Sumatera, Indonesia

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Web Application Penetration Testing Using SQL Injection Attack Alde Alanda; Deni Satria; M.Isthofa Ardhana; Andi Ahmad Dahlan; Hanriyawan Adnan Mooduto
JOIV : International Journal on Informatics Visualization Vol 5, No 3 (2021)
Publisher : Politeknik Negeri Padang

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A web application is a very important requirement in the information and digitalization era. With the increasing use of the internet and the growing number of web applications, every web application requires an adequate security level to store information safely and avoid cyber attacks. Web applications go through rapid development phases with short turnaround times, challenging to eliminate vulnerabilities. The vulnerability on the web application can be analyzed using the penetration testing method. This research uses penetration testing with the black-box method to test web application security based on the list of most attacks on the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), namely SQL Injection. SQL injection allows attackers to obtain unrestricted access to the databases and potentially collecting sensitive information from databases. This research randomly tested several websites such as government, schools, and other commercial websites with several techniques of SQL injection attack. Testing was carried out on ten websites randomly by looking for gaps to test security using the SQL injection attack. The results of testing conducted 80% of the websites tested have a weakness against SQL injection attacks. Based on this research, SQL injection is still the most prevalent threat for web applications. Further research can explain detailed information about SQL injection with specific techniques and how to prevent this attack.
Analisis dan Pengukuran Tanggapan Frekuensi terhadap Redaman Serat Optik Uzma Septima -; Lince Markis -; Ramiati - -; Andi Ahmad Dahlan; Sri Nita -
Jurnal Ilmiah Poli Rekayasa Vol 15, No 2 (2020): -
Publisher : Pusat Penelitian dan pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (P3M) Politeknik Negeri Padang

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The concept of smart home and cyber home is not the same, even much different. If a smart home or smart home is more aimed at users or home users who lead to conventional homes equipped with digital devices, the concept of cyber home is more to the bandwidth capacity of the internet to complement digital devices in the home. For this reason, Cyber Park Indonesia cooperates with PT Wika Realty. Specifically to develop the housing as a cyber home, Cyber Park Indonesia uses optical fiber. [Kompas, 2017]. This fact states that communication using optical fiber becomes very important so that to optimize the optical fiber system, a study that produces frequency responses to optical fiber attenuation parameters is made. Various sine signal frequency and amplitude values are given as input from an optical fiber dispersing system by looking at the response of the receiver in the form of voltage parameter values. The frequency values given range from 100 Hz to 10 Khz. The linkage of the input amplitude value to the damping value is an output voltage output generated by the amplitude of the amplitude parameter at the sending end. This voltage value comparison is used as the damping parameter of an optical fiber communication system. Giving this frequency will provide the performance of a fiber optic communication system. The resulting voltage value is a constant of changes in the frequency value.
Rancang Bangun GPS Tracker Pada Kendaraan Bermotor Menggunakan SIM7000 NB-IoT Berbasis Arduino Ana Febriana; Andi Ahmad Dahlan; Firdaus Firdaus
Elektron : Jurnal Ilmiah Volume 13 Nomor 2 Tahun 2021
Publisher : Teknik Elektro Politeknik Negeri Padang

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The rise of motorcycles today is in line with the increase in criminal acts such as motorcycle theft. Even though it is equipped with a security system such as a shutter key and ignition key, motorbikes can still be broken into by burglar specialists. When a motorcycle theft occurs, what the community can do is report the incident to the police and the community takes a long time to find the whereabouts of the missing motorcycle. Based on these problems, an additional security system was designed for Arduino-based motorcycles by utilizing GPS and SIM7000 modules. With the help of a simple application on the user's smartphone, this motorcycle security system can be tracked at any time even remotely. The results of this test obtained the coordinate points taken by the motorcycle during the route with the default time interval of 1 second. The coordinates obtained are displayed directly on google maps that are connected to the application and stored in the history application to anticipate if a motor vehicle theft occurs. The accuracy of taking coordinates on this tool is 85% when the quality of the network received is in good condition and 75% when the quality of the network received is in poor condition.