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Pengaruh Konsentrasi Urine Sapi Terhadap Pertumbuhan Bibit Kelapa Sawit (Elaeis Gueneensis Jacq) Pre Nursery Di Polybag Roikan; Khairul Fuad; Herlina
GEMA AGRO Vol 25 No 1 (2020)
Publisher : Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas Warmadewa

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This study aims to determine the effect of giving the best concentration and concentration of cow urine urine fertilizer on the growth of oil palm seedlings. This research uses a randomized block design (RBD) with 6 treatments U1 = 15 cc / liter U2 water = 30 cc / liter water U3 = 45cc / liter U4 water = 60cc / liter water U5 = 75cc / liter water and U6 = 90cc / liter all concentrated water is given once every 30 days for 3 months varying concentrations and data collection at the age of 90 days. Variables observed were Plant Height, Number of Leaves, Stem Diameter, Normal Seed Percentage. The results showed that the concentration of cow urine liquid fertilizer with different concentrations indicated the highest value at the concentration of U5 = 75 cc / liter of water at plant height.31.94cm Number of strands and 4 strands. Stem diameter of 12.51 mm stems and percentage of normal seedlings .giving a value of 99.48% compared to the concentration of other cow urine urine fertilizers.
The Value of Humanistic Education in the Novel of Orang-Orang Biasa Andrea Hirata's Works And Its Relevance in Literature Learning at Senior High School Number 1 Muaradua Herlina; Fitriani, Yessi; Ardiansyah, Arif
Jurnal Pendidikan Tambusai Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021): 2021
Publisher : LPPM Universitas Pahlawan Tuanku Tambusai, Riau, Indonesia

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This research has the following objectives: (1) to describe the form of humanistic education contained in the novel Orang-Orang Biasa by Andrea Hirata (2) to know and describe the relevance of humanistic education in the novel Orang-Orang Biasa in Indonesian literature learning at SMA Negeri 1 Muaradua. The data analysis technique used is the content analysis technique. Data collection techniques in this study by means of direct observation and external documentation. The results of the research prove that the value of humanistic education in the novel Orang-Orang Biasa consists of material values, vitality, spirituality, respect for other people's opinions, cooperation, willingness to sacrifice, caring for others, helping to help, and solidarity. The novel Orang-Orang Biasa by Andrea Hirata can be implemented in class XI SMA Negeri 1 Muaradua.
Hubungan Tingkat Ekspresi Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP) Terhadap Faktor Klinikopatologi Karsinoma Tiroid Papiler Herlina; Heni Maulani; Nursanti Apriyani
Majalah Patologi Indonesia Vol 30 No 3 (2021): MPI
Publisher : Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Patologi Indonesia (IAPI)

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BackgroundPapillary thyroid carcinoma is the most common subtype among thyroid cancers. The interaction between cancer cells and tumormicroenvironment plays roles in cancer proliferation and invasiveness. One of important components of tumor microenvironmentthat could stimulate tumor proliferation and invasiveness is activated fibroblast, known as carcinoma associated fibroblasts (CAFs).The aim of this research is to analysed FAP expression is associated with clinicopathologic characteristics.MethodsThis retrospective descriptive observational study with serial cases design was conducted in 40 samples of the paraffin blocks oftissues registered in Department of Anantomical Pathology Faculty of Medicine University of Sriwijaya/Dr. Moh. Hoesin PalembangHospital from January 1st, 2017 to October 31st, 2019. All samples were immunostained with FAP antibody. The expressions of FAPwere evaluated in accordance with the results of the previous study. Statistical test was performed by using Chi-square andSpearman-rho statistical test. Statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS version 23.0.ResultsOur data indicated that patients who were ≥45 years old (21 cases; 52.5%), women (31 cases; 77.5%) suffered from this cancer themost. The stromal type found in ten classic, follicular, solid and columnar variance were pauci (25 cases; 62.6%), desmoplastic (8cases;20%), sclerosis (5 cases; 12.5%) and inflammatory (2 cases; 5%). The expression of FAP in tumor stroma has a significantcorrelation with histopathology subtypes (p=0.028) and stromal type (p=0.000).ConclusionFAP was expressed in tumor epithelial cells and fibroblast stromal tumour of papillary thyroid carcinoma. FAP expression in stromaltumor between histopathologic subtype and stromal type showed significant correlation