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Financing Growth Analysis in BMT Al-Furqan Padang Sibusuk Arwin Arwin; Faisal Affandi
AL-FALAH : Journal of Islamic Economics Vol 7, No 1 (2022)
Publisher : Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Curup

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Purpose: This study aims to find out about the growth of financing for customers or members of BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk in its role as a sharia microfinance institution to be a solution for small communities to get business capital and also to see the enthusiasm of the community in accessing financing for BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk.Design/Method/Approach: This research is a semi-quantitative research, a combination of analysis carried out qualitatively and quantitatively, in which the nature of the categories is analyzed qualitatively, while the characteristic values to be used are numerical values that resemble quantitative analysis.Findings: After doing the research, it was found that the public's interest in getting access to financing at this microfinance institution was quite good, there was an increase in the amount of financing disbursed, and the amount of financing growth at BMT Al-Furqan Padang Sibusuk from the 2019 period and the 2020 period on financing products. Mudharabah and murabahah financing products experienced growth, namely the provision of mudharabah product financing in 2019 amounted to Rp.483.687.000 and grew in 2020 to Rp.529.228.000 (8,6 percent). Meanwhile, murabahah product financing in 2019 was Rp.892.839.000 rupiah and experienced growth in 2020 of Rp.1.537.940.000, - (41,1 percent). This microfinance institution has also provided many benefits, such as making it easier for members to get financing for business capital, especially micro and small businesses.Originality/Values: To obtain information about the development of financing carried out by BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk, Sijunjung Regency, where this Islamic microfinance institution or BMT is not yet well known to the people of Sijunjung Regency.
Minat Menabung di Bank Syariah Arwin Arwin
Journal of Management and Bussines (JOMB) Vol 5 No 1 (2023): Journal of Management and Bussines (JOMB)
Publisher : IPM2KPE

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This study aims to determine the interest in saving Islamic boarding school students Darul Ikhlas Padangsidimpuan at Indonesian Sharia banks. This research method is quantitative. The data used are primary and secondary data, using questionnaires, books, and journals and the type of sampling using purposive sampling method. The sample in this study was the Darul Ikhlas Padangsidimpuan Islamic Boarding School students, totaling 177 respondents. The analysis technique in this study used multiple linear regression in SPSS software. The results showed that a) the calculated t value for the promotion variable was 1.448 ≤ 1.973 (t table), with a significant value of 0.149 ≥ 0.05; b) the calculated t value for the religiosity variable is 3.338 ≥ 1.973 (t table), with a significant value of 0.01≤ 0.05; c) the calculated t value for the knowledge variable can be obtained 4.978 ≥ 1.973 (t table), with a significant value of 0.00 ≤ 0.05. In conclusion, simultaneously the interest in saving for Darul Ikhlas Padangsidimpuan Islamic Boarding School students in Islamic banks is jointly influenced by promotion, religiosity and knowledge. And the results of the partial test of promotion, religiosity and knowledge variables have a significant positive effect on the intention to save Islamic boarding school students Darul Ikhlas Padangsidimpuan. Keywords: Islamic Bank, Saving, Interest, Santri
Optimalisasi Edupreneurship di Pondok Pesantren untuk Membentuk Santripreneur Berdaya Saing dan Mandiri di Era Milenial Arwin Arwin; Vebri Sugiharto; Ardina Khoirun Nisa
Fitrah: Journal of Islamic Education Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): Juni (2023)
Publisher : Prodi PAI STAI Sumatera Medan

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The millennial era requires the younger generation to have skills such as self-confidence, sociability, openness to change, and creativity. Generations that do not have these skills will gradually be eroded and ostracized. Islamic boarding schools as Islamic educational institutions are expected to be able to produce graduates who are experts in the field of religion as well as skilled and creative in entrepreneurship. In this regard, this study aims to analyze the optimization of edupreneurship carried out by Islamic boarding schools in producing competitive and independent santripreneurs. This research was conducted at the Padangsidimpuan Islamic boarding school. The research method used is qualitative based on descriptive studies. The data sources in this study were the heads of Islamic boarding schools, extracurricular teachers, and students. Data collection uses observation and interviews. The results showed that optimization was carried out in several ways, namely integrated edupreneurship in all subjects, integrated in the form of extracurricular activities, self-development programs, integrated into teaching materials, through Islamic boarding school culture, integration through local content.