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The Effectiveness of Advertising Marketing in Print Media during the Covid 19 Pandemic in the Mandailing Natal Region Al Bara; Faisal Affandi; Ahmad Salman Farid; Datuk Imam Marzuki
Budapest International Research and Critics Institute (BIRCI-Journal): Humanities and Social Sciences Vol 4, No 1 (2021): Budapest International Research and Critics Institute February
Publisher : Budapest International Research and Critics University

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This study explains how effective advertising marketing is in three print media in Mandailing Natal. Several print media such as the Waspada Daily, representatives of the Mandailing Natal bureau and Mohganews, stated that the impact of the Covid 19 outbreak on the effectiveness of advertisements in the print media mentioned above. On the other hand, the print media Madina Post revealed that the Covid 19 pandemic had little impact on the advertisements served through the advertising column in its print media. This study uses the principles of a qualitative approach, using the SOR theory as an acronym for Stimulus-Organism-Response which has an impact on the Covid 19 pandemic outbreak. Namely, humans whose souls include components; attitudes, opinions, behavior, cognition and conation.
EKSYA : Jurnal Ekonomi Syariah Vol. 1 No. 1 (2020): JURNAL EKSYA: JURNAL EKONOMI SYARIAH
Publisher : Program Studi Ekonomi Syariah Sekolah Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri Mandailing Natal

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Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui fungsi uang dalamSistem Ekonomi Islam.Penelitian ini termasuk jenis penelitian kepustakaan (library research) yang berfokus pada pembahasan bagaimana Islammengatur penggunaan uang dalam sistem perekonomian. Berdasarkan hasil analisis dapat disimpulkan bahwa;1) Fungsi uang dalam perspektif ekonomi Islam hanya ada 2 yaitu; (a) uang sebagai satuan nilai atau standar harga (unit of account) dan (b) uang sebagai alat tukar (medium of exchange). 2) Fungsi uang dalam perspektif ekonomi konvensional ada 4 yaitu; (a) uang sebagai satuan hitung (unit of account), (b) uang sebagai satuan alat transaksi (medium of exchange), (c) uang sebagai satuan penyimpan nilai (store of value), (d) uang sebagai satuan standar pembayaran di masa mendatang (standard of deffered payment).3) Dalam sistem ekonomi konvensional, uang tidak hanya berfungsi sebagai alat tukar yang sah (legal lender) melainkan juga sebagai komoditas. Sedangkan dalam sistem ekonomi Islam, uang hanyalah sebagai alat tukar (medium of exchange) dan bukan suatu komoditas yang bisa diperjualbelikan.
Financing Growth Analysis in BMT Al-Furqan Padang Sibusuk Arwin Arwin; Faisal Affandi
AL-FALAH : Journal of Islamic Economics Vol 7, No 1 (2022)
Publisher : Institut Agama Islam Negeri (IAIN) Curup

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Purpose: This study aims to find out about the growth of financing for customers or members of BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk in its role as a sharia microfinance institution to be a solution for small communities to get business capital and also to see the enthusiasm of the community in accessing financing for BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk.Design/Method/Approach: This research is a semi-quantitative research, a combination of analysis carried out qualitatively and quantitatively, in which the nature of the categories is analyzed qualitatively, while the characteristic values to be used are numerical values that resemble quantitative analysis.Findings: After doing the research, it was found that the public's interest in getting access to financing at this microfinance institution was quite good, there was an increase in the amount of financing disbursed, and the amount of financing growth at BMT Al-Furqan Padang Sibusuk from the 2019 period and the 2020 period on financing products. Mudharabah and murabahah financing products experienced growth, namely the provision of mudharabah product financing in 2019 amounted to Rp.483.687.000 and grew in 2020 to Rp.529.228.000 (8,6 percent). Meanwhile, murabahah product financing in 2019 was Rp.892.839.000 rupiah and experienced growth in 2020 of Rp.1.537.940.000, - (41,1 percent). This microfinance institution has also provided many benefits, such as making it easier for members to get financing for business capital, especially micro and small businesses.Originality/Values: To obtain information about the development of financing carried out by BMT Al Furqan Padang Sibusuk, Sijunjung Regency, where this Islamic microfinance institution or BMT is not yet well known to the people of Sijunjung Regency.