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Proceeding International Seminar of Islamic Studies INSIS 3 (February 2022)
Publisher : Proceeding International Seminar of Islamic Studies

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Buying and selling is an activity that is often carried out by humans, where currently buying and selling has undergone a model development. Previously, buying and selling had to meet directly between the seller and the buyer, but at this time buying and selling can be done virtual or online. This is what is now in the public spotlight, where a lot of fraud is carried out on the results of buying and selling online, there are many cases that occur, such as the difference between the goods in the online store and the fact that the ordered goods do not arrive, the ordered goods are defective and so on. The research method in this article uses a literature review, where researchers look for sources related to the concept of buying and selling, then describe them and narrate them in research principles. The results obtained, that everyone wants the renewal of the activities carried out, including buying and selling. In Islamic Economics, the concept of buying and selling online can be used, it just has to comply with the sharia that has been regulated, upholding honesty, goods sold are not forbidden in Islam, there is a willingness between the seller and the buyer, and trustworthiness. This is what must be applied in online buying and selling activities according to the perspective of Islamic economics.Keywords: Shariah Economics, Buying and Selling Online
Analisis Manajemen Strategi Dalam Menghadapi Persaingan Bisnis (Studi Kasus UMKM Halal Di Pematang Siantar) Cici Cahyani; Abdul Hadi Ismail
Al-Sharf: Jurnal Ekonomi Islam Vol 4, No 2 (2023)
Publisher : Yayasan Rahmat Islamiyah

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This research was conducted at UMKM Pinkan Bakery, the purpose of this study was to find out the Management Strategy in Facing Business Competition. The research used is a descriptive qualitative approach, namely an explanatory data analysis and information related to the theories that will be analyzed in qualitative research and provides conclusions from this research. The subject of this research is UMKM Pinkan Bakery. Data collection techniques used were library research, observation, interviews and documentation, the data sources used were primary data and secondary data, and data analysis consisted of inductive techniques, deductive techniques and conclusion drawing. The research results obtained regarding Strategic Management Analysis in Facing Business Competition using a Cost Advantage Strategy, where a cost advantage strategy can be carried out by providing high quality products to customers or innovating the products offered to optimally retain customers.