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Perancangan Sistem Aplikasi Persediaan Barang Pada UD. Karya bersama menggunakan Algoritma FIFO (First In First Out) Riki Handoko; Parini Parini
J-Com (Journal of Computer) Vol 2, No 1 (2022): MARET 2022
Publisher : LPPM STMIK Royal Kisaran

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Abstrak: FIFO is an acronym for First In, First Out, an abstraction that deals with how to organize and manipulate data relative to time and priority. The FIFO (First In First Out) method is a method where the goods that were first entered will be issued first, while the goods that were last entered will be issued at a later date. So the first inventory recording is to record the goods/inventory that first entered UD. Karya Bersama is a business in the field of photocopying that is intended for all circles which provides photocopying, volume, and stationery services. The problem that exists is in making inventory reports of UD. Karya Bersama still uses manual methods and is not computerized so that there are reports of inventories that are inefficient, inaccurate and take a long time, this encourages to change the inventory system due to the impact experienced in the future results of reports that are not precise and efficient. The impact resulting from a computerized system can make it easier and faster to process data and get information quickly and efficiently. Kata kunci: First In First Out, UD. Joint Work, Inventory. Abstract: FIFO adalah akronim untuk First In, First Out (pertama masuk, pertama keluar) sebuah abstraksi yang berhubungan dengan cara mengatur dan memanupulasi data relative terhadap waktu dan prioritas. Metode FIFO (First In First Out) merupakan metode dimana barang yang pertama kali masuk akan dikeluarkan terlebih dahulu sedangkan untuk barang yang terakhir kali masuk akan dikeluarkan di kemudian hari. Jadi pencatatan persediaan yang dilakukan pertama kali adalah mencatat barang/persediaan yang pertama kali masuk UD. Karya Bersama merupakan usaha dalam bidang fotocopy yang di peruntukkan untuk segala kalangan dimana menyediakan jasa fotocopy, jilid, dan ATK. Masalah yang ada yaitu dalam pembuatan laporan persediaan barang UD. Karya Bersama masih menggunakan cara manual dan tidak terkomputerisasi sehingga terdapat laporan persediaan barang yang tidak efisien, tidak tepat dan memakan waktu yang lama, hal ini mendorong untuk merubah sistem persediaan barang dikarenakan dampak yang dialami kedepanya hasil laporan yang tidak tepat dan efisien. Dampak yang dihasilkan dari sistem yang sudah terkomputerisasi dapat lebih mempermudah dan mempercepat dalam proses pengolahan data dan mendapatkan informasi dengan cepat dan efisien.            Keywords: First In First Out , UD. Karya Bersama, Persediaan Barang.
Pemilihan Supplier Peralatan Kantor Dengan Metode Weighted Product Pada SMK Swasta YAPDI Bandar Pulau Riki Handoko; Rizaldi Rizaldi; Akmal Nasution
JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi) Vol 9 No 4 (2022): JATISI (Jurnal Teknik Informatika dan Sistem Informasi)
Publisher : Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian pada Masyarakat (LPPM) STMIK Global Informatika MDP

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Selection of suppliers is a strategic activity because suppliers will supply goods that are critical or will be used in the long term, one of which is the SMK Swasta YAPDI Bandar Pulau. The problem experienced by SMK Swasta YAPDI Bandar Pulau is the difficulty of determining which supplier has good performance in terms of quality, price, delivery and service. So that problems arise related to the non-optimal performance of suppliers which results in inaccuracy of goods supplied to schools and frequent delays in delivery of goods. Another problem is the quality of the goods, which also changes every time the shipment changes without a constant stability of the quality of the goods. Errors in supplier selection have an impact on decreasing the productivity of the SMK Swasta YAPDI Bandar Pulau. If the supplier does not meet what is needed by the school, it will result in delays in the process of employee and teacher activities due to the long delivery time. In addition, selecting the right supplier will significantly reduce the cost of purchasing goods/materials and increase the productivity of work activities. Therefore, this decision support system is needed to help make it easier for schools to get the right suppliers, both in terms of quality, price, delivery and service. And can design a decision support system application so that it can be used as a reference in the selection of office equipment suppliers at SMK Swasta YAPDI Bandar Pulau in accordance with predetermined criteria.