Devi Gusmita
Universitas Putra Indonesia YPTK Padang

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Evaluasi Kepuasan Pengguna terhadap Sistem Informasi Provisioning Monitor Indihome Dunsanak (SIMIDUN) menggunakan Metode Service Quality Devi Gusmita
Jurnal Informatika Ekonomi Bisnis Vol. 2, No. 4 (2020)
Publisher : SAFE-Network

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Measurement of the quality of information systems is necessary to evaluate the satisfaction of users of the system as a consideration for companies to develop the information system. This research aims to apply and test the Service Quality method to measure the level of user satisfaction with the Indihome Dunsanak Information System Provisioning Monitor (SIMIDUN) to serve as a benchmark for system developers to develop Indihome Dunsanak's Information System Provisioning Minitor. The data used in this study is data about the details of items or indicators contained in the application to be evaluated, by distributing questionnaires to system users. Data processing is done using the Service Quality method, then the data is processed by calculating the perception value and the expected value based on the questionnaire that has been distributed then calculating the gap score to make a cartesian diagram. The results obtained in the evaluation of user satisfaction information system provisioning indihome dunsanak based on Distribution and Percentage of User Perceptions of the information system that 38.47% of SIMIDUN Information System users are satisfied with the performance of the system and only 18.47% of users assess the performance of the SIMIDUN Information System very much. satisfactory, based on the data obtained that the average servqual score is -0.97 means that the score gap between user expectations and what the user feels is negative. This means that the average expectation of new users is fulfilled by SIMIDUN Information System with a score of 0,97.
Sistem Pakar Deteksi Hemangioma pada Batita menggunakan Metode Hybrid Firna Yenila; Suci Wahyuni; Eva Rianti; Hari Marfalino; Devi Gusmita
Jurnal Informasi dan Teknologi 2022, Vol. 4, No. 4
Publisher : SAFE-Network

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Hemangioma is a type of disease caused by active glands in the body. Hemangiomas occur in newborns up to the age of five (BATITA). This disease is indicated when a toddler has a fever or body temperature of more than 38°C. This condition affects the nerves and motor organs of the body that are attacked. This condition is sometimes undetected but develops quickly so it is necessary to consult an expert. This study aims to provide building a system in providing early education to parents in identifying toddlers with hemangiomas. This research makes it easy for parents to carry out further consultations with experts regarding the condition of toddlers. The processing of data and facts in this study was carried out by combining several methods (hybrid) in tracing each symptom according to the conditions experienced by system users. This method is continued by giving a weight value in the form of a percentage for each symptom experienced. The results of this study provide new knowledge in the form of information about Hemangioma with a confidence value in the form of a percentage of the patient's condition. This research provides the latest breakthrough in the form of presenting a system using an application that provides an accuracy value to ensure that patients have Hemangioma. This system can provide maximum value for users in gaining new knowledge for patients before further consultation with experts to get action.