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An Analysis of Asking Opinions in The Textbook and Corpora Mutiara, Rika
Jurnal KATA Vol 3, No 1 (2019): Jurnal Kata : Penelitian tentang Ilmu Bahasa dan Sastra
Publisher : Lembaga Layanan Pendidikan Tinggi (LLDIKTI) Wilayah X

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The study examined the occurrences of asking opinions in the textbook and the ones in the British National Corpus (BNC). Because the expressions in the textbook occur in isolation, it does not give sufficient context in which the expressions occur. For instance, there are no strategies that the speakers use to make the hearers understand their questions. According to Relevance theory, the speakers tried to give relevant input to the hearers in order to obtain the goal of communication (Wilson & Sperber, 2008). Therefore, the present study analyzed expressions of asking opinions in BNC to provide what strategies the speakers use in order to make the questions relevant for the hearers. A corpus-assisted discourse study was conducted to find the strategies. The strategies were analyzed on the light of Relevance theory. It was found that some expressions were not found in BNC. The speakers applied several strategies namely introducing, asking more questions, giving options, and elaborating.  They provide relevant information when asking questions. When the speakers did not get hearers’ opinions, they tried to give more information or options to elicit hearers’ responses. 
International Journal of Humanity Studies (IJHS) Vol 1, No 2 (2018): March 2018
Publisher : Sanata Dharma University

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The use of corpus methods that combines both quantitative and qualitative aspects has benefited the field of discourse analysis. It is a corpus-assisted discourse study. The study focuses on the ways the writers of online reviews of tourist attractions in TripAdvisor website interact and how they position themselves and the readers. The study employed Lextutor online to get the keywords and Antconc to find the collocations and scrutinize the concordance lines. In the interaction, the writers evaluated the tourist attractions, gave advice and instructions, recounted, reported what the others said, thanked, and encouraged the readers to imagine. The writers tried to provide the information as much as possible and put themselves as the ones that have wider knowledge than the readers. They did it to help the readers make the right decision and anticipate particular conditions. A particular language structure such as prepositional phrases becomes the salient features of this text type. DOI:
Kajian Linguistik dan Sastra Vol 5, No 2 (2020)
Publisher : Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta

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The study aims at exploring functions, meaning, and pragmatic effects of co-occurrences of I mean and conjunctions in British National Corpus. The study applied some principles of a corpus study. I mean collocates with 5 conjunctions namely because, but, coz, when, and if. The collocations function to make the ideas clear in order to make the hearers understand them easily and avoid misunderstanding. They, moreover, are used when the speakers give corrections. They are uttered to emphasize arguments and give information as detailed as possible. These collocations in discourse make the hearers aware of information given and finally they pay special attention to the message.
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat AbdiMas Vol 6, No 2 (2020): JURNAL PENGABDIAN MASYARAKAT ABDIMAS
Publisher : Universitas Esa Unggul

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AbstractSchool literacy program has been conducted for several years in some junior high schools in Jakarta such as SMPN 220 Jakarta. However, there are some problems in the school. The school does not have enough teachers to assist the literacy program. The only activity in that program is reading. Sometimes, some students also tell their friends what they have read. In the other school, SMPN 191 Jakarta, school literacy program never exists. This community service program tried to help the schools planning and conducting an appropriate follow up activity of the reading activity. Graphic organizer is a tool that can be used to help the students understand the reading passages during the follow up activity. In using Graphic organizers, the students need to use their thinking skills to obtain several information related to the characters, events, and facts in the reading passages. The students become aware that reading is an activity to develop their cognitive by observing and digging up information.  Keywords: Literacy, graphic organizers, reading AbstrakGerakan Literasi Sekolah (GLS) sudah berjalan selama beberapa tahun di beberapa SMP di Jakarta seperti SMPN 220 Jakarta.Walaupun begitu, masih ada kendala yang dihadapi oleh sekolah.Sekolah tidak memiliki cukup guru untuk memandu kegiatan tersebut.Kegiatan GLS yang ada saat ini hanya membaca saja.Kadang beberapa siswa diminta menyampaikan hasil bacaan.Di sekolah lainnya yaitu SMPN 191 Jakarta GLS belum pernah dilaksanakan.Kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat ini bertujuan untuk merancang dan mengaplikasikan tindak lanjut kegiatan membaca yang cocok untuk kondisi sekolah.Graphic organizers merupakan sarana yang bisa dimanfaatkan oleh siswa untuk mengolah informasi dalam bacaan.Penggunaannya tidak membutuhkan peran guru yang banyak.Siswa dilatih untuk teliti dalam mencermati informasi tokoh, peristiwa, dan fakta dalam bacaan.Siswa menjadi sadar bahwa membaca merupakan kegiatan untuk melatih diri berpikir melalui penggalian informasi yang mendalam. Kata kunci: Literasi, graphic organizers, membaca
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat AbdiMas Vol 5, No 2 (2019): Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Abdimas
Publisher : Universitas Esa Unggul

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AbstractDeveloping students’ literacy is one of the programs conducted at SMPN 220 Jakarta and SMPN 274 Jakarta. This program focused on language literacy. However, reading is the only focus of this program. The follow-up activity is summarizing the reading texts. The schools realize that there are many other activities that can be done in developing language literacy. However, they did not have enough time and capacity to develop such program. This community service program aims at developing literacy program in which all language skills, namely listening, speaking, reading, and writing are included. It began with observation and discussion with the teachers. Next, the program was developed based on schools’ needs. In applying the program, the students of Faculty of Education and Teacher Training played roles as the facilitators in the class. Through this program, all language skills were applied. It also sharpened students’ cognitive and affective aspects. Cognitive aspects include think critically, find information, and give opinions. Affective aspects such as being sensitive to others became one of the concerns. This program also shows to the students that literacy program is not a boring activity due to its various activities. Some activities such as role playing entertained the students. It was found that the students have positive point of view on the literacy program conducted through this community service. Keywords: literacy, language skills, reading AbstrakGerakan Literasi Sekolah di SMPN 220 Jakarta dan SMPN 274 Jakarta hanya berfokus pada kegiatan membaca.Kegiatan membaca biasanya diikuti oleh kegiatan meringkas baik secara lisan maupun tulisan. Walaupun sekolah menyadari bahwa literasi dapat dikembangkan melalui kegiatan lain, sekolah masih belum mengembangkan program yang seperti itu. Oleh karena itu, kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat ini bertujuan untuk mengembangkan gerakan literasi sekolah sehingga keterampilan bahasa yang lain yaitu mendengarkan, berbicara, membaca, dan menulis juga berkembang. Kegiatan ini diawali dengan observasi dan diskusi dengan pihak sekolah.Selanjutnya, program gerakan literasi dikembangkan.Pelaksanaan pengembangan gerakan literasi tersebut dilakukan oleh mahasiswa yang didampingi oleh dosen.Melalui kegiatan ini, sekolah mengalami pelaksanan gerakan literasi yang mencakup seluruh aspek bahasa.Kegiatan tersebut mengasah kompetensi siswa di ranah kognitif dan afektif siswa.Aspekkognitif mencakup berpikir kritis, menggali informasi, dan mengemukakan pemikiran.Aspek afektif seperti kepekaan sosial dan emosi ditingkatkan.Kegiatan literasi juga memberi gambaran kepada siswa bahwa literasi tidak membosankan karena kegiatan yang dilakukan beragam.Kegiatan tertentu seperti bermain peran bersifat memberi hiburan bagi siswa.Kegiatan literasi yang diselenggarakan selama pengabdian masyarakat ini dipandang sebagai sesuatu yang positif. Kata kunci: literasi, kecakapan bahasa, membaca
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat AbdiMas Vol 4, No 1 (2017): Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat ABDIMAS
Publisher : Universitas Esa Unggul

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AbstractThis community service project aims at introducing the use of Range in materials development to the English teachers at SD Pelita II. It, moreover, gave assistance to the teachers. Range is software which categorizes the vocabulary based on how frequent they are used in daily life. The teachers need to develop vocabulary lists from authentic materials and students’ texts. The lists would be used for developing learning materials. To know this, vocabulary measurement should be done. Measuring vocabulary can be done easier by using Range. Having the data provided by this program gave consideration for the teachers what vocabulary should be included. The teachers were given tutorial on how to use Range. In this phase, they practiced with the help of the tutor. Then, they worked independently to build their own vocabulary lists and made conclusions about the texts being analyzed based on the information provided by Range. Finally, the teachers decided which vocabulary needs to get more attention on learning materials because they are necessary to be acquired by the students. In addition, the teachers also chose which authentic texts are more appropriate by considering students’ level of fluency. To sum up, Range is helpful for developing materials especially vocabulary of the texts.  Keywords: vocabulary, learning materials, Range AbstrakProgram pengabdian masyarakat ini bertujuan untuk memperkenalkan penggunaan program Range dalam pengembangan materi ajar kepada guru Bahasa Inggris di SD Pelita II. Program ini juga membimbing guru untuk dapat menggunakan Range. Range adalah perangkat lunak yang dapat mengategorikan kosakata berdasarkan seberapa sering kosakata tersebut digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari. Untuk mengembangkan materi ajar, guru di SD Pelita II perlu mengembangkan daftar kosakata dari materi autentik dan teks buatan siswa. Untuk melakukan hal tersebut, pengukuran kosakata perlu dilakukan. Pengukuran kosakata dapat dilakukan dengan lebih mudah dengan menggunakan Range. Data yang dihasilkan dari program ini memberikan pertimbangan bagi guru mengenai kosakata yang perlu dimasukan ke dalam materi ajar. Guru mengikuti tutorial mengenai penggunaan Range. Dalam tahap ini, guru berlatih dengan bantuan tutor. Selanjutnya, mereka bekerja secara independen untuk menciptakan daftar kosakata dan membuat kesimpulan tentang kosakata dalam teks yang diteliti berdasarkan informasi yang diberikan oleh Range. Guru memutuskan kosakata mana yang perlu untuk menjadi fokus pembelajaran karena penting bagi siswa untuk menguasai kosakata tersebut. Selain itu, guru juga memilih teks autentik mana yang lebih tepat untuk digunakan dalam pengembangan materi ajar dengan mempertimbangkan kemahiran siswa berbahasa Inggris. Range berguna untuk mengembangkan materi ajar khususnya kosakata dalam teks. Kata kunci: kosakata, materi ajar, Range