Jurnal Ilmiah Mizani: Wacana Hukum, Ekonomi Dan Keagamaan
Vol 6, No 2 (2019)


Iim Fahimah (IAIN Bengkulu)
Rara Aditya (Fakultas Syariah IAIN Bengkulu)

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31 Dec 2019


The obligation of a husband to his wife in the book 'Uqudulujjain is mu'asyarah When women get higher education, divorce is more prevalent. This is a problem that must be resolved. In addition, students at Islamic boarding schools are known for their obedience to their husbands compared to those who do not study at Islamic boarding schools. The assumption is because there is an influence from family coaching education in the book `Uqud al-Lujjain fi bayani huquqi zaujain which is taught in the pesantren. The focus of the study is how the substance and moral message about the rights and obligations of husband and wife contained in the book so that it can equip muslim women as wives in fostering families well. This research is a library research with descriptive-analytical method with a normative-philosophical approach. The results showed that the wife's right to her husband was the right to get good treatment, get teachings from the husband, get protection from the husband, and get proper food and clothing. While the wife's obligation to her husband is to obey his orders as long as he does not violate God's rules, safeguarding the husband's wealth, respecting the husband's family, and dressing to look beautiful according to the husband

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