Jurnal Ilmiah Vastuwidya
Vol 1, No 2 (2018)

Disrupsi Industri 4.0; Implementasi, Peluang Dan Tantangan Dunia Industri Indonesia

Ni Putu Suda Nurjani (Universitas Mahendradatta)

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26 May 2020


The Industrial Phenomenon 4.0 has transformed the way humans work into automation / digitization through innovations. Industry 4.0 says the era of technology disruption because of automation and connectivity in a field will make the movement of the industrial world and work competition to be non-linear. Industry players can’t be separated from the internet. All objects are equipped with sensor-assisted technology devices and are able to communicate themselves with information technology systems. This phenomenon then raises the concern that in the era of disruption of human role as the driving force of an industry will be shifted by the presence of smart robots. Humans are no longer dependent on other humans or natural resources, but depend on artificial intelligence products. Based on this, the authors make a qualitative descriptive study that raises the phenomenon of industry in Indonesia, the extent to which 4.0 industry is already known by the people of Indonesia, as well as what opportunities can be utilized by industry players to face the era of digitalization industry. In this study it can be seen that the era of industry 4.0 can be seen as a big enough opportunity for the development of industrial world, because it created equal opportunity for industry players in creating an innovation and at the same time marketing a product. Capital and power are no longer a major obstacle, because innovation and creativity in utilizing digital media is the key to success of every industry player in the industrial disruption era 4.0.

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