JIEMAR Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Research
Vol. 2 No. 2 (2021): April 2021

Intention Factors of Halal Food Purchase among Student Consumers: An Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods Study

Ardiyanto, Jeffri (Unknown)
Sudargini, Yuli (Unknown)

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17 Feb 2021


The purpose of this study was to explore and investigate the influence of the perception of halal food, halal food quality, halal food safety and knowledge of halal food on student consumer purchase intentions. This study used the Explanatory Sequential Mixed Method and the first stage of this research was quantitative analysis. The questionnaires were distributed randomly with an online electronic questionnaire and using snowball sampling techniques, totaling 420 student respondents. Data processing and hypotheses were tested using Structural Equation Model (SEM) and SmartPLS software. The second stage is a qualitative analysis that explores the factors that influence student consumers to buy halal food. Primary data collection used open and unstructured interviews in depth with 5 (five) student consumer participants who were selected and determined using purposive sampling method. The results of the analysis show that the perception of halal food has a significant effect on repeat purchases, the quality of halal food has a significant effect on purchases. Halal food safety has a significant positive effect on repeat purchases and knowledge of halal food has a significant effect on repeat purchases. The results of this study can provide insights for halal food producers to see student consumers as one of their target markets in the halal food industry and will help to determine the level of knowledge and students' perceptions of halal food. The novelty of this research is a new model of perception of halal food, quality of halal food, halal food safety and knowledge of halal food on purchase intentions of student consumers in Indonesia using the Explanatory Sequential Mixed Methods with the coverage of a country. This research can serve as a reference for further research to be carried out in other countries and can be adapted and adopted by other countries or in other regions.

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