Jurnal Pengabdian UntukMu NegeRI
Vol 4 No 2 (2020): Pengabdian Untuk Mu negeRI

Budidaya Ikan Lele (Clarias SP) Dengan Sistim Kolam Bioflok Pada Pokdakan Tanah Berongga-Sido Urep

Baihaqi Baihaqi (Universitas Samudra)
Imam Hadi Sutrisno (Universitas Samudra)
Zidni Ilman Navia (Universitas Samudra)

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02 Nov 2020


The proposed community service (PKM) aims to develop a biofloc system in catfish farming at Pokdakan Tanah Berongga- Sido Urep. The goal of the activity is providing new knowledge about catfish cultivation with a biofloc system. The target of this program is Pokdakan Tanah Berongga-Sido Urep. The main problem faced by the group is the catfish activities are still carried out conventionally using ground and stone ponds. These activities like affected to on environmental distruction especially the soil structure that has been eroded by the cultivation activities. The activities carried out such as: 1) Socialization of catfish culture with a biofloc system, 2) Provision of tools and materials for the manufacture of biofloc ponds, 3) Training for making biofloc ponds, 4) Distribution of catfish seedlings in biofloc ponds, 5) Catfish enlargement in biofloc ponds and 6) Harvesting catfish. The PKM team will also provide assistance during the activity. At the end of the activity, an evaluation and follow-up action plan (RTL) will be carried out so that the business carried out by partners can continue so that an independent business group can be realized

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