Vol 9, No 1 (2021): Maret


Wisseman, Wisseman (Unknown)
Hasbullah, Hasbullah (Unknown)
Tindjabate, Christian (Unknown)

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30 Mar 2021


This research aims to know how to fund Management village (DD) in the framework of community empowerment in Palintuma village in Pinembani District district of Donggala This research uses a qualitative method of descriptive. Data obtained from interviews with the sub-district, village government. Village Institution and village community (primary data source) and from observation, documentation, and data from Palintuma Village (secondary data source). Data collection techniques are conducted with observations and interviews. The sampling technique used is purposive sampling. Data validity using triangulation techniques. The form of data analysis used is an interactive analysis model of Miles and Huberman, which includes data collection, data reduction, data presentation and withdrawal of conclusions  From the results of the study showed that: 1) Community empowerment in the planning phase is still very low this is due to the still lack of community involved in the decision-making in the planning of development programs, 2) Community Empowerment has not been involved in the management team of development activities formed in the village, the community in this case is still involved in the form of approving and as a witness in the formation of the team. 3) Community Empowerment in the implementation of activities has been active this can be seen from community involvement in the implementation of development activities and the impact that produced from the development for the basic social services has been Fulfilled, 4) in the supervision phase of village Funds management has been active, at the time of planning, organizing, implementation and supervision itself, but the society in this stage is still in the consultation stage, so it is necessary to give the understanding Continuyu to the public about the importance of engaging in all stages of Village development program.

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