Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat (ABDIRA)
Vol 2, No 1 (2022): Abdira, Januari

Upaya Pencegahan Smartphone Addicted Berbasis Vocabulary Word Match Game Pada Anak Usia Sekolah Dasar Desa Tumi Jaya Oku Timur

Zulaikah Zulaikah (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)
Hastuti Retno Kuspiyah (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)
Khusnatul Amaliah (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)
Eka Setya Ningsih (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)
M. Ilham Abdillah (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)
Sheila Oki Tarina (Universitas Nurul Huda OKU Timur)

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04 Jan 2022


The aim of this community service is to reduce addicted Smartphone by providing and introduction to mastery of English Vocabulary through the vocabulary word match game method for elementary school in Tumi Jaya Village, Jayapura OKU Timur. The method used is by using a word match game, this service program can be carried out well and run smoothly according to what has been planned from the beginning of the activity even though all service participants have not mastered the material well. This activity got a very good response with the evidence of the activeness of the service participants in participating in the learning process by not leaving the material before it was finished. The message conveyed by the leaders and parents of elementary school was that they must continued to hold follow-up activities in the form of similar training which are always held periodically so that they can improve their ability of elementary school in carrying out the learning process, especially in increasing vocabulary.

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